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2009-01-19 10:37:28   Is this restaurant named after his father? —LanceReed

2009-02-10 13:06:00   My girlfriend and I went here for dinner on February 7th. We didn't know what to expect as there were no reviews except the one in City Newspaper. I was very impressed by all aspects of this restaurant. We had no reservation and they were fully booked (understandably), but lucky for us there was space at the bar. The food and the whole atmosphere was simple but elegant and very tasteful (decor included). We ordered the marinated olives and meatball bruschetta to start. There were about 5 different kinds of olives on a generous plate. Some of them I had never seen anywhere else (big ones). The bruschetta had a wonderful sauce (the helpful bartender recommended it). For our main dish I ordered the sausage risotto, which also had a wonderful mild sauce, not too salty, with little broccolini. She got the vegetarian lasagna, which had high-quality mozzarella and more of that good sauce. For dessert we shared an order of cannoli which included two. They told us that they bought the shells but made their own filling. It wasn't as sweet as the ones at Gusto. Also as wine was about $7/glass I decided to go with a beer, a Hennepin made in NY, for $4. They have no beer on draught but a good selection of bottles. I don't want to say that this place is better than Gusto, because it is really a different approach. It depends on your mood. Both places are really great! —SamScoppettone

2009-02-18 11:57:41   I contacted the restaurant on Tuesday to make reservations for 6 people on a Saturday evening. I requested a 7pm reservation, only to be given a tongue lashing by the person on the phone. Apparently, they seat people at 6 or 8pm only. Who knew? I am still looking forward to trying the restaurant, and hope the service at the table is more guest oriented than the reservation policy!!! —Lsteinha

2009-02-18 17:21:48   Hi. The proper name of this restaurant is "Rocco". I think there is another restaurant somewhere named Rocco's. —KatePerry

2009-02-22 08:26:10   My wife and I went here last week. We were frequenters of the Olive Tree and must admit that it was a bit surreal to walk in and see the familiar mixed with the unfamiliar. Ambiance is warm (red walls) but could use a little more finesse (they're using the same tables/chairs from OT and they don't quite work with their color scheme). Service was attentive and friendly throughout our meal. We split a beet salad with blood oranges (good) and a grilled octopus dish with pesto (absolutely amazing). For our second course we split a mushroom, fontina, and truffle oil pizza (well-done) and finished it with a couple cappuccinos and an almond custard (delicious). Cupolo is in good form here and is sending out consistently balanced plates. Everything is made in house which makes the wrapped bread sticks quite an oddity. Regardless, even with our good bottle of wine our tab was quite reasonable. I like that this place adapts — we weren't feeling terribly hungry and thus chose small plates. Their larger options coming out of the kitchen looked delicious. All and all we had a very enjoyable experience and would certainly return. It fills a niche in downtown eating. A final note about clientele and dress: we came business casual. There were others similarly dressed (mostly older than us) and younger patrons looking like haute slobs (designer hoodies, sneakers, jeans). They don't discriminate which is good, but dear god I wished people in my age bracket cleaned up a little bit more when going out to eat. —RochesterGuy

2009-04-01 15:21:13   Great addition to Rochester's restaurant scene! —P.Andrews

2009-04-07 11:36:25   Loved it! We did not have any issues with our reservation. All the employees were knowledgeable and pleasant - though they were dressed a bit oddly. The food was absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. The restaurant gets louder as the night goes on, so perhaps visit early if you're interested in a conversation. —EllenKelsey

2009-06-15 16:41:23   Rocco now has a website: [WWW]

2009-06-15 17:13:49   Went the other night for the third or fourth time. Our opinion goes up with each visit. This place rocks. Our soft-shell crab app was delicious; our all-day pork sublime. I have nothing but appreciation of their food. —RochesterGuy

2009-06-24 09:07:33   My fiance and I go to Rocco all the time and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The caesar salad is a must have, perfect amount of lemon in the dressing. The greens and beans are FABULOUS—simmered just long enough to let the flavors stew, arriving fresh and flavorful (not overcooked like I seems to get at other establishments). Really the food here is an amazing bargain for the level of quality you receive. We are both vegetarian, and really enjoy the variety of options for us. The service is great, friendly and attentive staff who make you feel at home. Something we really enjoy is that a member of the kitchen staff brings your food out to you as soon as it is prepared (instead of waiting for a server to bring it out). This way you get to meet who actually prepares your food, and it always arrives hot. There is a mixed clientele at Rocco, (as far as dress and demographics) but we love it. We usually dress like hippies who are going out to dinner: long skirt, cords and a button-up. We have always had great interactions with the staff, including reservations and the organization of our wedding rehearsal lunch. Honestly, it's amazing food at a great price with wonderful service. Note on the breadsticks—The packaged breadsticks they offer are imported from Italy, and are of the same type that we have had in Italy many times. I think the choice was intentional, not because they were slacking. (though I prefer fresh bread myself, too (: ) —Jahniqua

2009-07-06 15:15:55   Went there for a dinner date with my husband - was a great experience. The server was knowledgeable and friendly and readily changed my salad out for one with no meat (an error on my part). The beet and orange salad is to die for and so was the lasgna (all vegetarian) and four cheese pizza. I can't wait to go back. —DesignDreamz

2009-07-27 15:15:51   After hearing great things about the food here at Rocco, my boyfriend and I were eagerly looking forward to a night out at a new restaurant. Unfortunately, we will never be able to comment on the quality of food as we left early due to the horrendous service and rude staff. We arrived for our 8:00 reservation right on time looking for the hostess stand to notify them of our arrival. After fighting our way through a small doorway we were greeted by a man I am assuming was the dining room manager or host, wearing culottes and a flannel shirt. We informed him that we were here for our reservation, to which he nodded and walked away leaving us confused as to whether our table was being set up or whether we should get a drink at the bar.

The host returned after ~10 minutes to seat us at our table, which would be the last time we would speak to any of the help. After about 30 minutes of having sat at our table without even being greeted by a server, watching other tables sat after us receive drinks and appetizers, we decided to leave. We called Black and Blue from our table, made a reservation for 9 and enjoyed a fabulous meal along with impeccable service. Needless to say we will not be returning to Rocco again. —Lyneye

2009-08-03 14:03:55   Visited Rocco for the second time . Once again it was a very positve experience.Service was excellent as was the food. Started with a meatball app.that was very well done. Our 2 entrees were the Blue Fish special which was served over a mixed green/potatoe salad and Linguine and clam sauce. I also had a side of greens and beans ( Among Rochester's best) My only complaint ( and I am being picky) is that I would rather have some bread . The bread sticks just don't cut it when you have a wood fired oven . Stopped for a post dinner wine and found the bartender to be very friendly while giving us little pieces of info about the food for our next visit. Very high on my Rochester Restaurant list. —almorinelli

2009-08-30 02:27:55   My wife and I have heard some good things about this restaurant,so we figured that we would try it out. We are in our early 30's and have dined at all of the best spots in Rochester. What we encountered tonight was some of the worst service I have ever seen.
We entered at 7 oclock without reservations. We waited by the bar and was told that Jeff (who I later found out was an owner, more on that later) would be right with us.
He was with us a minute later and asked if we had a reservation, I told him we did not. The look on his face suggested that they were booked, but he told us to have a drink at the bar and that he would be right with us.
Two drinks and a half hour later, I saw Jeff and the bartender (Christian I think who seemed like a good guy) whispering and looking over at us. A minute later the bartender came over and said that they would not have a table for us until 9pm and asked if we wanted to wait( it was 730). I said absolutely not and went to another restaurant.
This could all have been avoided if Jeff told us immediately that they were booked solid. Part of me thinks that Jeff denied us access due to me having seersucker shorts on and sandals.
If he had told us they were full, we would have left and came back another time, this time with reservations. Instead he had us sit at the bar, have two drinks and then tell us 30 minutes later that we would have to wait an additional hour and a half.
I run a business, and when an employee is not up to standard, I want to hear about it. I have a friend who frequents the restaurant, so I asked him if he knew who the owner was (I was going to make a call about the lack of professionalism of Jeff). He then to my shock told me that Jeff the host was a part owner. I could not believe it! Now instead of making a phone call to the owner, I am writing to the public ABOUT the owner. Be very weary of Jeff and this restaurant. I do not care how good the food is, if they continue to treat people this way, they will not last long. —GDunne

2009-08-30 21:34:51   I ate here with my family last week and weeks prior and saw people dressed as you describe yourself who were seated and eating. In fact, there is no discernible dress code as far as I can see. I know that they do not like to rush people here (2.5 hour dinners for us usually). Perhaps a party took longer than he thought. Whatever the reason, you should let them know. Perhaps they can make it right. —RxScabin

2009-08-31 07:02:54   I'm sorry that GDunne's experience was not pleasurable, but I felt the need to state that without exception our service here has been stellar with every visit. We've gone about 5-6 times now - most of those being reservations but a couple of them not. We've always been treated with grace and warmth. I thought people should know that your experience doesn't seem to be the norm here. —RochesterGuy

2009-09-10 15:57:36   Regarding GDunne's comments, I've eaten at Rocco more than a dozen times, probably more that 2 dozen. I've found the service warm and accommodating and very professional. I've had reservations and on the nights I have not, had some apps at the bar and waited for a table or stayed at the bar. And, yeah...I've dined at all the top places in Rochester as well. Your experience hardly sounds like a service disaster. —GordonAnderson

2009-09-12 08:42:51   Fantastic food. We came with a group of 4 and ordered 12 dishes. Standouts include: the pizza - by far the best in Rochester, the grilled octupus and the butterscotch pudding. The only downer was the tall, pudgy, scruffy guy who seated us. Possibly the rudest restaurant employee I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with. From the other comments on this page, I can only imagine this was Jeff. —WegmansFiend

2009-09-13 14:45:02   The host has always been friendly, polite, and attentive yet unobtrusive when we have been there. The last time we were there dining with our daughter we talked quite a bit about his son. I'll agree that the host is not exuberant. He is soft-spoken and does what he needs to do. I would not describe him as rude. —RxScabin

2009-11-10 05:34:35   if you wanna talk loud and crowded, it's this place. I've had more than three aquaintances tell me their reservations were lost, and to boot, they were handled rudely by the host.. And hello? "Osteria's" always have bread on hand... Don't assume you're great until you prove it. Every time. —josahbrock

2009-11-27 21:12:49   Amazing place. Great food. One of the best new restaurants in Rochester. Definitely make reservations- Rocco is a little on the small side and it's always packed! Recommend the steak and pizza. —GregF

2009-12-07 14:21:17   Tiny place, so make sure to have reservations, regardless of how many ppl in your party. Tried the margerita pizza, which was awesome. My only complaint would be that the outer crust was a bit burnt, but that was no biggie. Our waitress was extremely helpful and very knowledgable about everything. PS—it was my first time cutting pizza with scissors... it was really fun to do. (ha, well at least i thought so at the time). —TippingPoint

2009-12-10 22:31:33   I went with a friend for dinner on a Tuesday night and we were seated immediately. The restaurant is quite small and intimate, perfect for a romantic evening or a nice girl's night out. We shared the grilled octopus- it was delicious. For our main dishes I had the carbonara and she had the pasta of the day with meatballs- both dishes were fabulous. Our server was very informative and knew the menu inside and out, which just added to our satisfaction. I will certainly return to Rocco and am excited to have finally tried one of what is, in my opinion, Rochester's best restaurants. —ShawnaLusk