Rochester Protectives

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415 Andrews St, Rochester, NY 14604 [Directions]
585 546 1284

The Rochester Protectives are a volunteer salvage company. Their motto, "We Strive to Save" exemplifies their mission. The Protectives strive to save the property of citizens and businesses in Rochester. Their most notable and exciting role is assisting at the scene of fires where they spread tarps and set up fans to reduce smoke and water damage. They also help firefighters by changing air cylinders and setting up lights. The Protectives also help out by pumping flooded basements and removing water after pipe breakages. Using their compliments of fans, tarps, generators, pumps, lights, and water vacuums the Protectives will go where ever and when ever they can be of use to save property.

Despite being 100% volunteer, the Protectives have a strong relationship with the Rochester Fire Department. The city provides the Protectives with their equipment and details a firefighter to the company to drive their truck. The Protectives are quartered at the western end of the firehouse at Chestnut Street and Andrews St.


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