Rochester TheatreFest


Rochester TheatreFest was a program developed, sponsored and presented at Geva Theatre in 2007 and 2008.

Geva Theatre Center, along with The Community Foundation, promoted a season-long festival for Geva's Nextstage during the organizations' joint 35th Anniversary Year.

Mark Cuddy, Artistic Director of Geva Theatre Center, and Jennifer Leonard, President and Executive Director of The Community Foundation, declared the 2007/2008 theatre season to be a time for celebration, unification and collaboration throughout the entire theatre community. Rochester TheatreFest allowed theatre groups from around the Greater Rochester area a unique opportunity to perform their own shows on the Nextstage. The Community Foundation provided underwriting for Rochester TheatreFest, which made it financially feasible for area theatres to participate.

In February 2007, Geva Theatre Center requested proposals from theatres interested in the Rochester TheatreFest. Twenty-three theatres responded with detailed proposals for productions, and 14 were chosen. Starting September 13, 2007 and ending June 29, 2008 these 14 groups performed on the Nextstage from one to three weeks each.

Participating Theatres:


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