Rochester Topfree Seven


Political Protest, Topless in the Park.

Arrested in 1986. Acquitted in 1992. For removing their shirts (tops) in public.
(more details from news stories and people who were there, wanted)

The People &c., Respondent, v. Ramona Santorelli and Mary Lou Schloss, Appellants, et al., Defendants.
No. 115 COURT OF APPEALS OF NEW YORK July 7, 1992, Decided: see the Wikipedia reference and the court documents.
Summary: Women (in NY State) now have the ability to go topless, outdoors, if not related to commercial purposes or advertising, without being arrested.

The Rochester Topfree Seven were charged in 1986 in Rochester, New York but acquitted in 1992.
See: - has topless pics so not linked.

Ramona Santorelli is still active in the topfree movement, as reported in news stories recently (August 24 2009, Daily News, New York City)

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