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Rugby is a popular outdoor activity and Rochester is a hot bed of rugby activity! There are two men's teams, a women's team, a wheelchair team and many college and high school sports teams.

About Rugby:

Allegedly, while playing Association Football (do any of you know that soccer come from this term; Association football?) at [wikipedia]Rugby_School of England in 1823, [wikipedia]William_Webb_Ellis picked up the ball in his hands and ran with it.

This sparked an interest, leading to the creation of rugby. Cambridge University immediately adopted the game, popularized it and made local rules. The game grew popular at area schools and in 1871, ten years after the common rules of soccer were set, the first [wikipedia]Rugby_Union was founded in London and firm rules of the game were established.

Men's teams:


Women's team:

Wheelchair team:


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2007-04-17 14:54:04   Rugby is awesome, although my gimpy right ankle doesn't agree! There are also teams at several of the area colleges—I know for a fact that UR has both men and women's teams, and I know RIT has a women's team (one of whom is responsible for breaking my ankle!) I'm not sure about the other schools. —RachelBlumenthal