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Rochester provides a lot of ways to have fun and stay active. With about a dozen professional teams, lots of college and high school teams and plenty of recreational and youth programs, sports fans can go wild.

Are you looking for a specific sport? Check out auto racing, baseball, basketball, bowling, dodgeball, football, golf, hang gliding, longboarding, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, paintball, parkour, racquetball, rock climbing, roller derby, rugby, SCUBA diving, swimming, soccer, squash, tennis, and volleyball.

You may also find some additional alternatives listed under Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Biking and Running.

Professional Sports Teams

Rochester is home to a number of minor-league professional sports teams, though only one major-league team calls Rochester home.

Sport Team Venue
Baseball Red Wings Frontier Field
Basketball RazorSharks Blue Cross Arena
Football (Minor League) Sting East High School
Hockey Amerks (Americans) Blue Cross Arena
Lacrosse (Indoor) Knighthawks Blue Cross Arena
Lacrosse (Outdoor) Rochester Rattlers Sahlen's Stadium
Quad Rugby (Indoor) WNY Wreckers
Soccer (Outdoor) Rhinos Sahlen's Stadium
Soccer (Women's Outdoor) WNY Flash Sahlen's Stadium

Other Professional Sports

In addition to professional sports teams of its own, other professional sports leagues and events visit Rochester every year.

Collegiate Sports Teams

University of Rochester

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • 1See URBee for details on the name

High School Sports Teams

Area High Schools compete in a variety of sports, both for boys and girls. Most are sanctioned by Section V authorities. See the listings for individual schools to learn more.

Youth Sports Programs

There are a wide variety of youth sports programs offered in Rochester's communities.

* River Flow Soccer Club

Recreational Sports Leagues

You don't have to be a college student or a professional athlete to have fun.

Health Clubs

Our Health Clubs page provides our shoppers lists of many options for exercise and fitness in the Rochester region. Check your city, town or village website for local community centers, parks and recreation facilities where you might have opportunities for fitness and exercise.

Below we list some General Admission facilities where most anyone willing to pay is able to join. We also list some Restricted Admissions facilities which have restrictions by gender, town, organization, or other criteria. And finally, some Personal Trainers in the region. See also Notes and References for other resources and information.

General Admission

City of Rochester

Concentrated primarily on and around University Avenue.


Restricted Admission

See Also

Notes and References