While there are no NFL football teams in Rochester, the Buffalo Bills in neighboring Buffalo, NY are the closest NFL team. There are also many other local teams at the collegiate and minor league level.

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I feel that the City of Rochester should have a professional football team. we have minor league teams in baseball, hockey, basketball, and football. I feel this city is not a minor league city, and Rochester needs to have professional sports. The cities economy would thrive, and would bring in more residents. It would create jobs, and also revenue for the city. if someone from NYC or Buffalo would come in, they could make this work easily. There are resources, and also the fans to make a professional sports team work and win in this city. - RyanGoldberg


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2007-04-26 19:44:01   We do have professional football- the Rochester RaidersPeteB

2007-04-26 19:58:10   not in the 4 major sports though, indoor football doesnt count, i mean NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA —RyanGoldberg