Longboarding is the act of riding, on or performing tricks with, a longboard. ... developed by skateboarders who wanted to go faster and recreate the feeling of surfing and snowboarding on hard surfaces. [wikipedia]Wikipedia Definition
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Longboarding in Rochester Area
Our area has a wide range of hills offering something for riders of all skill levels. Below you will find simple lists of great hills to carve, cruise, slide, or bomb down. The list below is what I have skated and enjoyed in Rochester. Some can be reached just by skating, others require access to a vehicle. Add these places in your session and comment about what you think! Feel free to edit and add your own longboarding locations. WillChesebro - August 30, 2008

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University of Rochester

Mount Hope Cemetery

Highland Park

Ellison Park

Turk Hill Road

West Henrietta Road

Mt. Hope Avenue

South Avenue

S. Goodman Street

Pinnacle Hill 1

Parking Garages


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2008-09-02 00:08:13   I do a lot of flat land longboarding around Park Ave, sometimes with my dawg. —BadFish

2008-09-04 06:24:53   Pinnacle hill area is not Colgate Rochester, it's Hillside Children's Center. Colgate is up near the corner of Highland and South Goodman. —DottieHoffmann

2008-09-04 08:00:37   Sorry, I accidently scrolled on the Google Map after searching for the Intersection and switched from Cobb Hill Resevoir to Highland Park. Dottie is right, it is the Hillside Family Of Agencies at 1183 Monroe Ave. Footnote has been changed. —BradMandell

2010-06-28 15:50:28   There are a lot of good, easy hills in Durand Park. There's also a great hill if you are looking for your very first to try: it's along the lake in Durand Park just right (facing the water) of the C parking lot (2nd lot from right when facing water). For the more advanced longboarder/sliders, that same bike path which begins across from Sugarcreek on Lakview and Culver is pretty challenging. —rickchristo

2010-06-28 15:52:11   oh, and if you're out checking out those hills, don't forget hill by seabreeze at the end of 590. it's still freshly paved right now. :) —rickchristo

2011-09-26 02:28:34   I do a lot of boarding at MCC. There's plenty of places to hit. Looking at the school from rast hentietta road, the main campus road that encircles the school is a good carve session, or just bomb it. Also ther road leading to the J Lot is a good bomb or a good 2 lane wide carve ride. You van also start from the top of the J lot and have fun with the stretched out speed bumbs. Q lot is a long steady ride good for carving. Again looking from east henrietta road, in the back left part of the campus, there are some nice pedestrian walks that are wide enough to handle any carve. I find it fun linking all these hills together to have a seemingly un-ending ride. —Mitchell.Conley

2011-09-26 02:33:02   For those of you living around Greece Athena Highschool, there's an awesomely new paved road I found the other day down across from Basil-Marella Park. As you go past Parkland elementary on your left, with Basil-Marella on your right, the road is just past Parkland and it a good bomb session but still steady enough for those carvers out there. —Mitchell.Conley