Sakura Garden

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6720 Pittsford Palmyra Road, Fairport NY, 14450 [Directions]
Hours (as of November 2010 via website)
Monday-Saturday: 11:00AM to 10:00PM
Sunday: Noon to 9:30PM
585 223 6777 / 585 223 7204

Sakura Garden is a restaurant located in the Perinton Square Mall in Perinton specializing in both Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

It opened on February 19, 2010.


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2010-02-20 20:25:52   I just finished eating take-out from Sakura Garden, and I really enjoyed it! I ordered several types of sushi, including spicy tuna roll, sweet potato tempura roll, tamago, and crab stick roll (all were delicious and presented beautifully). My friends ate pork lo mein, sha cha chicken, and szechuan chicken (quite spicy!). All of the chicken was tender and juicy - not something often found in Chinese take-out around here. Included with the meal were bundled chopsticks, forks, spoons, and napkins.

The restaurant itself is small but elegant - everything in black, with touches of Japanese art. The sushi bar is nice as well.

The staff I interacted with were accommodating and pleasant - I was treated to a complimentary bowl of miso soup because I had to wait for my order.

I'll definitely be eating there again, especially for the sushi! —MaryMalone

2010-02-26 16:59:16   Some of the best sushi I have had in Rochester, and at even better prices. I had an assortment of rolls and some General Tso chicken, and both far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend trying this place, I will definitely be a repeat customer. —ChristopherB

2010-03-11 11:13:55   The sushi menu is extensive and they serve a number of special rolls. The tempura rolls and cooked seafood rolls were fantastic. The fish in the yellowtail jalapeno roll was a little rubbery. However, this may be because I went on a Sunday, so the fish might not have been as fresh as it is on other days. The service is slow but attentive. We were given complimentary salads because of the wait. I will certainly eat here again. —ChristineH

2010-04-05 21:31:25   I had dinner tonight with my husband at Sakura garden. Our waitress was nice and very patient with all our questions. The special rolls were tasty and really special, like no other we've had before. The angel roll we ordered was creamy&crunchy, and had a subtle sweet taste. We both loved it. We will definitely come back again. —Hua

2010-04-11 17:25:52   Prepare to Be Surprised‎ - ‎ - Today This restaurant just opened up a few weeks back. It's not easy to see from the road, so if you blink you might miss it. I'm glad that we didn't.

My boyfriend and I went here because I noticed that in addition to sushi, which he likes and I don't, they had a nice menu of chinese entrees as well. Although the store front might give the impression that the restaurant is typical 'fast food' take-out, the interior quickly dispels that impression with it's sparkling clean floors, countertops and tables. The decor is modern and tasteful and the wait staff professional. Seating can be found at the sushi bar, at spacious tables, or comfortable booths.

I had a shrimp and chinese vegetable lunch special (with won-ton soup) for a little under $7 that was fantastic. The food was exceptionally fresh. The 5 shrimp that were part of my dish were large and cooked to perfection. The water chestnuts tasted buttery, the bok choi had not a trace of bitterness. Everything tasted fresh made: even the won-tons in my soup.

My boyfriend's sushi was high quality and fresh. He gave it a thumbs up. We both split an order of egg rolls. They were - again - fresh and light.

One downside - if you like a drink with dinner: they don't serve alcohol. But don't let that stop you from ordering, they have take-out.

I can't wait to try another dish here . . . which will be very soon.

And if the owner reads this: I think you guys have raised the bar on local sushi and Chinese with the quality of your food.

Two suggestions though: (1) Add sparkling water (soda doesn't cut it), saki and asian beer on your menu. And (2) offer delivery service, in addition to take out.

These are things that people often look for (and which your competitors are currently offering). The little things sometimes do make a difference. —LuciaPinizotti

2010-04-13 14:13:57   I went here with my wife on Saturday. This was our first time at a "real" sushi restaurant, though both of us have had sushi before.

I had a vegetable sushi platter, while she had something with eel in it. Couldn't tell you what it was. :-) However, both of us enjoyed our meals; the food was tasty, and the presentation was unexpectedly well done.

The service was just fine; Our waitress was helpful and prompt. We didn't have any issues with slowness, as has been mentioned in other reviews.

In regards to the interior and decor - I'm not sure what sort of standards people expect when it comes to sushi bars, but the place is nothing special. Yes, it's clean. It's got your basic industrial tile floor, standard booths and tables, etc. There are a few hangings and decorations. It's precisely what you'd expect from a strip-mall Japanese restaurant. But "elegant", uh, no, unless you're comparing it to a McDonalds. This is a place where everyone shows up in jeans and tee's. —RichMulvey

2010-06-02 11:57:57   I cannot say enough good things about this place. Friendly, accomodating staff...excellent food, reasonable prices. I have even had delectable hibachi at this place, at a much more reasonable price than when they cook it in front of you at a hibachi table. I love their sushi and the chinese dishes. Also, a nice touch...they give everyone at the table salad if a salad comes with one person's entree. Each time I've been there, they have handed me a $5 off coupon for my next visit. Love it here!!!! —LisaRuns

2010-06-22 18:57:03   So impressed with this restaurant! Came here with husband and toddler and of course, the kid accidentally spilled some sauce. The staff was phenomenally polite and made us feel like this was not a big deal though we felt awful. The food was presented beautifully and both the Japanese and Chinese menu are varied and tasty. The portions are HUGE so one Chinese meal is enough for 3 portions. The value and service are great. The takeout and eat-in is a great option. The decor is not intrusive and very tidy and pleasant. —RocDoc

2010-06-22 23:17:55   I got sushi takeout here recently. The girl who took my order was friendly and answered questions politely. The ambiance seemed very casual - a relaxed place to go with family without having to dress up. I enjoyed my rolls (spicy tuna and shrimp tempura) - I felt that they were around average. It is nice to have a reasonably priced sushi option in Perinton. —OneLove

2010-11-13 10:42:18   Just wanted to say that Sakura Garden continues to be an awesome place to eat with great service and food. Not too long ago they added a [WWW]pretty neat alcohol list that includes a couple different kinds of sake. —MaryMalone

2011-02-26 23:28:20   This continues to be our go-to place for weekly family dinners. The staff is wonderful, the food is consistently delicious and fresh and the sushi is magnificent. We have never had a bad experience and feel that we are taken care of beautifully! The prices are very reasonable. We're pretty happy this is in our neighborhood! I hope that they get a kids' menu one day - so we can order a small portion of noodles or something simple for our toddler. But this is the perfect family treat! —dadioy01

2012-05-30 14:32:01   We have been here a few times and tried a variety of sushi rolls and they have all been great. I am particularly a fan of their "crunchy spicy" line of rolls. Decor is plain but clean and appealing. We'll certainly be back soon. —AndrewL

2013-01-06 17:03:06   Over the last 6 months, the service has TANKED. It used to be brisk, pleasant and appropriate. Now, it is the reason why we won't be back after patronizing this place extensively. The last 3 visits, our food has come out at random times (my sushi came 40 minutes after my friends' Chinese dinners), the drinks were refilled "whenever", the check was given before all the meal had been placed on the table. The food is still ok, consistently tasty - and if you are there with one other person and you both get chinese - that's fine. They are awful for larger parties and where the meals come from more than one part of the menu. In addition, it seems that the waiters are not assigned to the table, rather they circulate randomly and 3-4 waiters can end up interacting with the people at your table, to general confusion. I was a loyal customer but they need to SHAPE UP.

2013-05-11 13:13:41   Excellent sushi, and also probably the best seaweed salad I've ever had, anywhere. We also enjoyed the (complimentary) appetizer of crisp noodles and sweet dipping sauce. Our only complaint echoes that of Rocdoc- that is, we found the service to be sub-par. The server forgot my drink; I finally had to remind her about it when the sushi came out. This wasn't a big deal in and of itself, but the real kicker is that at one point the server reached directly across me, AS I WAS EATING, to clear away some empty plates. I literally had to put down the food that was on it's way to my mouth and wait to take my bite until she had finished stacking and removing plates on the opposite side of me. I used to be a waitress, and it is basic etiquette when serving a table bordering a wall to wait to clear the plates on the far side of a person until that person is done eating; it is very disruptive to the meal to reach across someone who is eating, not to mention just plain bad manners. —ajh