Saxon Recording

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1237 East Main Street, Rochester NY, 14609-6941 [Directions]
Hours (as of December 2006)
By Appointment
585 288 3150
<saxonrecording AT gmail DOT com>

Saxon Recording is a recording studio located in the Fedder Industrial Park on East Main Street and is the longest running studio in the city of Rochester. Saxon has been in business since 1983 and has an extensive collection of vintage gear and microphones. The studio specializes in real music projects, where real people actually play real instruments. Saxon has an amassed a wide range of classic vintage equipment that is integrated into the modern world with the powerful, fast and convenient features you will find in today's Digital Recording formats, although customers and artists still have a choice of working with professional Analog Recording formats at Saxon as well. Saxon Recording has worked with just about every musical genre there is, and all styles of music are welcome there.

Saxon Recording provides CD Mastering services and also produces fully packaged Custom CD packages, including professional graphics design and layout.

Saxon Recording slogans..."Your One-Stop Studio!"
"Where Classic Audio Meets The Modern World"


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