Skateboarding is an outdoor activity that's mostly popular with the youth in Rochester.

There are many legal places to skate, as well as illegal. For example, it is illegal to skateboard (or longboard) on the premises of Marketplace Mall, even if you are merely using your board for transportation.

One of the concerns of people who ban skateboarding is that tricks such as grinding (which involves sliding the metal trucks of the board across an edge such as a curb, ledge, or railing) will damage property. It's also possible that people associate skateboarding with rebellious troublemakers.

Skateboard Shops

Outdoor Skate Parks

Indoor Skate Parks


[WWW]Sunday in Rochester - A video of two kids skateboarding various places in downtown Rochester
[WWW]Illusion Skates Summer '06 Montage - Video montage of skateboarding in Rochester


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