Sofia Shoe Repair

1457 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Hours (as of Oct. 2011)
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585 708 7889
Wheelchair Accessible
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[WWW]See website

Sofia Shoe Repair is a shoe repair service in Brighton. They have been in business for over 65 years and also offer dyeing and recoloring, zipper replacement, and computerized orthotic fittings. Water proofing and polishing products are available for purchase.


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2013-01-06 23:49:18   Will definitely not return here. I had a very bad experience. I had a boot with a heel that had fallen off. They told me it was a simple fix to glue on the heel. I left them with the broken boot after being told that I only needed to leave the one boot. I picked up the repaired boot later, and when I put it on at home, discovered that they had distorted and compressed the heel, so the boots were now uneven to walk on. When I took the boots back, they said they would repair them, and there would be no charge since it was to fix the original repair. When I picked them up the second time, I was told they would have to charge me after all. I tried explaining that they were fixing a botched repair, and the guy rudely shoved the boots in my direction in a rude tone.
Apparently rudeness and botched repairs are what they consider customer service —AndrewMoran