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2005-11-05 20:16:39 Hmm... I don't recall ever having problems with the wireless connection at Spot. —HeatherYager

2005-11-05 20:18:39 Not going to edit this, but complaining about WiFi is what the comment button is for- leave it as opinion, at least until it's verified by other people. —JonRobins

2005-11-06 02:32:21 I know the building used to be a car dealership, and everytime I walk by I feel like all the people inside are on display for me... "Oh please mommy, can I take home that college student in the window??" —RossHattori

2005-11-06 08:30:06 I'm toning down the wording of Free-wifi-worthless bit, but I can verify I've had problems there too. JR, nifty idea, we are still working on our comment etiquitte a bit. Maybe add something to Wikiquette page? —FarMcKon

2005-11-15 22:20:30 Beautiful building. Spot is a good place to watch people working on their thesis or whatever the hell it is they're doing. —MariahBetz

2006-01-07 00:41:44 Wireless works great for me. I'm here at the Spot (waves)! —TobinFricke

2006-01-07 00:44:00 Can we ger photo credit on that image? —FarMcKon

2006-05-07 00:55:23 But when does it open??? —ChaRonSattler

2006-05-17 00:07:42 I'm here right now, and I'm having lots of problems with the WiFi! Grrrr. —RachelBlumenthal

2006-08-03 13:24:46 I've noticed that the wifi issues seem to be that at least *four* wireless hubs in the area are all operating on the same channel and therefore interfering with one another. I've talked to the Spot people and the Matthew's people about this, but everyone just sort of blinks at me... ugh. —TonyDelgrosso

2006-09-20 13:52:00 I really want to like this place, but the WIFI sucks and some of the staff make horrendous coffee drinks. On the evening of Wednesday, Sept. 19th I had the worst cappuchino of all time: seriously, it was worse than a cup of coffee from 7-11. —MaryAnneSchnarkles

2006-09-20 20:02:39 Too open (design-wise), it feels like there's a lot of unused space. Which some people may like, but I prefer a more intimate, atmospheric evnironment, a la Java's, Boulder, or Lux. —DanielMiner

2006-10-09 08:46:45 I was at a Rochester on Rails impromptu event with about 16 laptops and ran into a hard limit for IPs (one laptop would lose its connection and another would immedaitely get one), so there are definitely issues with their WiFi but in general it works. —TimothyFitz

2006-10-22 19:55:15 The wireless strength problems have been cleaned up considerably. There is still occasional network connectivity issues, and interference from other wireless access points. If you are in the far right corner as you enter you may still experience interferece from the bar next doors' wireless. —RowanHawkins

2006-10-22 19:59:54 One other thing, this place started out as car dealership so it wasn't designed for good acustic properties. —RowanHawkins

2006-12-03 12:05:38 Was at Spot yesterday, good coffee, excellent oatmeal cookie, but the WiFi signal on the 2nd floor was very weak. —AdamFuller

2006-12-13 21:38:11 The mocha is pretty decent, although you have to stir up the chocolate syrup at the bottom. The wifi has been mostly working lately, although last time I was there it seemed somewhat non-functional. —RufoSanchez

2007-01-23 17:51:00 I couldnt get on Wifi before but realized it was because I had a local server setup on my laptop with certain open ports on it open. Just make sure your not running any type of server (web / database / even game) and you shouldnt have to many problems —JohnPaulTakats

2007-01-24 11:09:42 I don't get to the Spot more than oncea month anymore, but one weird thing that I've noticed is REALLY odd (verging on horrible) background music choices at all times. I'm not a real music snob when it comes to background music at coffeeshops, but I've heard too-loud 80s rock early on otherwise pleasant Sunday mornings, and really bad "mellow" jazz on Friday and Saturday evenings, among other weirdness. Anyone have any insight into the music choices? —ChrisYoung

2007-05-05 11:40:26   nice atmosphere. sucky everything else. this place would be way cooler if the staff wasnt a bunch of boring unexceptional bland 12 year olds. —RedDress

2007-05-12 14:51:46   I've got to join the complaints list about the WiFi. I'm lucky if I even get on when I'm there half the time. Last time I went it didn't even seem to be on. I have a brand new laptop and have no problem hopping on anywhere else. Also, coffee is hit-or-miss. I have gotten espresso drinks that were just undrinkable and were clearly made with stale or previously-used grounds. —AlixHamilton

2007-06-17 13:38:41   seriously yeah the wifi sucks but its FREE, also what coffee shop have you gone to where they reuse grinds???? seriously ?? think before ya type —RandyCole

2007-08-17 12:28:15   When I moved to Rochester in 2003, Spot Coffee was a place for great coffee and great service. The workers knew my daily order and service was prompt and friendly. I haven't been to Spot in almost 5 months because the new employees are rude, unsanitary, and lazy. Do I really want to buy a cookie from a person who is wearing the same clothes day after day, looking dirty? Shouldn't I be greeted when I walk to your register? This place is going down...FAST! —DaRoc

2008-02-26 13:10:18   This place has a great atmosphere but it doesn't make up for the terrible service. On one occasion the woman taking my order gave me crap because I hadn't ordered my drink correctly. Not sure what is difficult to understand about a "small regular coffee" but I guess you have to learn their lingo before daring to order. The second occasion was recently, this past weekend and the man taking my order started yelling at the other baristas in the back for a good 2 or 3 minutes before taking my order. We're talking "Imma punch your face in" kind of yelling too, not coffee orders. I wasn't sure if I should order or call 911. In all fairness the coffee was good and there was an interesting mix of people. —JaimeTe

2008-04-20 16:30:57   Had some wireless problems here but once I was on there was no issue. Ive always had friendly service and think the coffee is quite good and cookies are great. I dont go that much because parking can be a pain. Its better to ride your bike there. —JamesPatrick

2008-06-03 17:35:14   If you can't find parking on East Ave or down Matthew's St, there's a free gravel lot on Charlotte St. If you don't mind walking a block down, you can always find a spot, even during busy evenings. —MarcCharbonneau

2009-10-23 17:25:17   Expensive drinks, wireless hasn't worked in a week now (usually I end up stealing Matthews WiFi if it's on). Though, I love the place, comfortable and the drinks are tasty regardless how expensive they are. I made trips once a week to get away from home to work on my homework. Since I need WiFi and no one seems to know why their WiFi is down. I'm not going back again unless it's up and running again. —MinaB

2010-12-27 17:30:16   Renovations are taking waaaaay too long. Methinks this is a strong sign that they are not coming back. I do hope I am wrong. Anyone have any further information? —DottieHoffmann

2010-12-27 20:39:29   Reply from my inquiry on the matter Dottie: "SPoT will be back in Rochester Spring 2011. Unfortunately, when working on a historical building, construction takes a little longer in these situations." —DamianKumor

2011-04-09 11:53:18   Last time I was in the area, I took a peek through the tattered window coverings and saw that there was, indeed, work being done to the interior. I'll be interested to the see the finished product. Spot was/is definitely a downtown establishment at this point. —BatGuano

2011-05-22 23:23:54   In case you were all wondering what happened to SPoT, we will officially be reopened on Friday, May 27th 2011. Come check out the new digs! —ChrisDattilo

2011-05-29 09:23:09   Spot has re-opened, and I am very happy that I was wrong on my previous prediction! The new interior is a little less "funky" than the old one, but it's nice to see them back, and the coffee is still good. —DottieHoffmann

2011-08-01 18:00:24   Since reopening, Spot has become virtually non discernible from Starbucks, which is unfortunate since it used to be a very cool place. I wish they hadn't changed it so drastically, it went from being interesting to boring. I miss the hanging coffee sacks and barbie dolls frozen in gel at the bathroom doors! It still has good coffee. Though it isn't the best, it's certainly better than most other chains' coffee. —BrigidB

2011-12-01 22:28:58   I love SPoT, and I always have. I am glad to have it back. Why? Because Spot is incredibly unique in that it smacks of effort and care. I cannot believe the comment that "Spot has become virtually non discernible from Starbucks". Spot is nothing like a generic chain. You don't feel like a number, it's not an assembly line, and the employees so obviously care about what they do. Spot is a warm, fun, unique place. It has its own character and charm. Any good business pays attention to the details, and Spot does that. The food, drinks, layout, and the entire atmosphere all bleed of owners and employees that care. Have you ever ordered a burger/sandwich where somehow the person who made it couldn't seem to align the bun with the stuff inside of it? Or you pick up the sandwich and it falls apart? Yeah, no. That's not Spot.

I have to tell you, the food is awesome. The menu says "sandwiches", but what an injustice that word is. It's love on a plate. You're not getting some cold cuts slapped in between two slices of wonderbread. You're getting amazing melt-in-your-mouth warm focaccia, that they bake themselves. And inside that? Holy cow. It doesn't matter which sandwich you get, because they're all delicious. It's not fast food. It's real food. Made by someone that cares.

Everything that Spot does—all of the attention to detail and the fantastic food—are full of pride. Don't come here to mooch on the wireless and then complain when it doesn't work. Actually order a drink and some food, enjoy the awesome floor to ceiling windows, and have fun watching life go by. Good food, good coffee, great view, nice people—what the hell else do you want from a coffee shop?

Spot, I hope you never close. If you do, I'll have to hunt you down for your bread recipe. —VinceC

2011-12-02 05:35:54   Met my fiancée there for our first date, you don't forget that. But I didn't think much of the hot chocolate at the time 3 years ago. Last time I went I had matcha tea which was pretty good. —DamianKumor

2011-12-02 10:05:54   Does Spot still hire baristas solely from the local 'piercing and body modification' community?

I haven't been to Spot in quite a while, because, during the day, parking is terrible, and really, what is left downtown? And in the evening, the place is filled with suburbanites.... —Alex-C

2011-12-03 00:26:19   Alex C: "Does Spot still hire baristas solely from the local 'piercing and body modification' community?"

Yes. They have an exclusive agreement.

"I haven't been to Spot in quite a while,"


"because, during the day, parking is terrible, and really, what is left downtown? And in the evening, the place is filled with suburbanites.... "

Hold on. Where do you live? Downtown, or in a suburb?

Actually, nothing is left downtown. At all. It is a barren nuclear wasteland that you should never, ever, venture into. It's a forbidden zone of terror. A big bad boogieman may come and get you. And you might have to spend 2.5 minutes parking, and another 3.4 minutes walking. It's awful. You're better off just staying home all tucked in warm and cozy. If you try to come downtown you'd probably have to do things like, park, walk, interact with other humans, and deal with a city. That's outrageous. —VinceC

2011-12-27 18:32:17   I like SPOT alot and i am happy to see them reopened. It was the first coffee me and my friends ventured to when I was in highschool and they still have great coffee today. The only complaint I can think of is that I think they messed with the frozen drink recipes between the time they closed and reopened. But I do truly love this place the atmosphere and the friendly staff. And who cares if they have piecings body modifications tattoos etc it is a coffee shop if you are getting great service, which I always have, who cares?!?! If anything it gives the place a cooler vibe. Long live SPOT! —jillco

2013-2-16 11:09:00   Just moved here for grad school and am slowly trying out all of the cafes and coffeehouses in the area. Spot is the clear winner for Sunday morning brunch & coffee, as one of the only places that has omelettes, not just breakfast sandwiches. Has one of the best cafe menus in terms of variety, flavor combinations, and reliability. When I ordered a pancake, it came with actual berries on the side! Big glass windows & high ceilings let in a lot of light, good atmosphere. —LH