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2014-05-25 23:22:35   I aim to be truly fair but clear here—putting your welfare over my human attachments—so please read what follows with calm and attention to detail, and then by all means come learn with us the riches of Christianity as I daresay nowhere else on earth! I have been heavily involved with the St. Irenaeus "Institute"/"Ministries"/"Study Center" from about six years back. It has been to me a place, like many others, of both growth and variously disenchantment. Others (not only young adults!) often tell me it "grew them up" in their historically Christian treasury, which for whatever reason they missed the first time around. I echo the sentiment, which is why my present attempt at fairness is unavoidably an emotional strain. David and his cadre are uniquely intense, perhaps even voracious, in their pursuit of "mere Christianity"—"both pious and effective" could be their watchwords—and particularly dedicated to their patrons, mostly of the "Catholic," Jesuit, Methodist and "Orthodox" Christian traditions and congregations. Among the Church's early writings, Saint Irenaeus Ministries' steering committee (whose strikingly verticalist hierarchy is crystal-clearly though exceedingly charmingly displayed to the observant visitor) look largely to those attributed to Irenaeus of Lyons and Vincent of Lérins. The Study Center a vast and rich library. "Intense" can sometimes spell "cultish," as in the observations made in the somewhat unsettling (and one might even say "belligerent") commentary liked below. But I do encourage certainly a serious reading of the article of which it contains a screenshot, since the charges are serious and more or less relevant to their present methods and how they can affect you. Outside of that, I will place the overused "grain of salt" maxim. In fact, as with the Center so with Mr. Cassata's wording, I'll simply say, Expect intensity (without "plastic casing" in the case of the latter) and tread lightly and warily yet boldly and assertively. Could be your needed rite of passage as it has been for many...

So, in the spirit of Megan's Law, I find myself compelled to offer the article below. There has been one claim against the aging founder, and no charges were pressed. Draw your own conclusions, or none at all: