Strands Hair Studio

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Location StrandsHairStudio.jpgFeb 2010, BradMandell
30 N Main St, Fairport, NY 14450 [Directions]
Hours (as of February 2010)
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585 377 6410

Strands Hair Studio is a salon in Fairport.


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2010-03-19 14:26:52   I went to Strands in the fall, before my wedding, on the recommendation of a coworker, who also gave me a 20% coupon for her stylist. When I arrived, the place seemed very busy and chaotic, and no one employee seemed to be in charge or running things. To wit, several of the employees tried to check me in, and each time I repeated my name and appointment. After a longish wait, I ended up with a stylist who was not the one with whom I had made the appointment. I didn't want to wait any longer, though, so I didn't say anything. She gave me a decent cut and color, but the highlights were pretty uneven - much more highlighting on one side of my head than the other. It wasn't a huge deal, but next time I would definitely ask that they be distributed more evenly.

They still honored my coupon, despite the stylist mixup, and I have to say the prices were amazingly inexpensive. They also gave me another coupon (this appears to be policy) However, I also felt that I got what I had paid for — not a total hack job, but also not totally up to par. So a mixed experience overall.

A note on the atmosphere: it is VERY noisy in the salon. Not the kind of place where you can go to be pampered and relax. I had quite a headache when I walked out. And it seemed a bit cliquey to me: my stylist, the stylist working next to us and her client all knew each other and gossipped throughout my appointment, which was a bit offputting. Everyone was friendly to me, but it just seemed a bit unprofessional to hear them all talking about the parties they'd gone to and who got wasted when and so on. —ZeldaPinwheel