Team Sasquatch


Birth of the Sasquatch

Team Sasquatch was conceived by now infamous founding members TJ Nerau, Nico Quijano and others in 2006, as a senior group at Penfield High School. Their signature sweatshirts are bright green and say "Team Sasquatch" in brazen letters on the front. The back of said sweatshirts hold the member's nickname, as well as a violent, and recently notorious, image. This well known and oft-discussed graphic was conceived and created by Nerau in a moment of rock and roll inspiration. It depicts a Sasquatch eating a kitten.

[[The Mighty Sasquatch]]

The Sasquatch

The Sasquatch, by definition, is an alleged apelike animal said to inhabit remote forests in North America, with many of the sightings occurring in the Pacific northwest of the United States and British Columbia, Canada. However, wise members of Team Sasquatch hold that Sasquatch is more than an "alleged apelike animal," claiming that Sasquatch is alive and amongst us as we eat our dinners, do our jobs and breathe the very air we live in. Further, Team Sasquatch members believe Sasquatch to symbolize all that is great, including fast food, gankage and rock 'n' roll.

It is notable that much of the aforementioned admiration of Sasquatch was born of influence from Tenacious D. A vast majority of Team Sasquatch's members are admirers of said Comedy/Rock band, and thus have a vested intrest in spreading "The Gospel According to the D," which features various peculiar principals including worship of the mighty Sasquatch Monster.

Current Members

Nico Quijano is King of all members, because he is clearly the best.

Current member include: TJ Nerau, Tim Lyons, Nico Quijano, Jack Meserve, AJ Santiago, Nathan Shroyer, Matt Scarlata, Steve Sonthana, Jordan Stengel, Steve McBride, Daryl "D-Spot" Scott and Chris Miller


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For folks wondering who those weird looking kids in Green Sweatshirts are.

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