Ten Ugly Men Festival

2015 Cancelled

The Ten Ugly Men Festival (AKA 10 Ugly Men]) is a one day festival held each year in Genesee Valley Park to benefit charity. Included in the admission price is unlimited food and six drink tickets.

Consult their Facebook Page page for details on ticket prices and offerings

Bands play all day at the festival, and there are other activities such as a 5K race, dodgeball, bocce, volleyball and kickball. Activities for kids are also offered.

From the group: 10 Ugly Men, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1989 with one firm goal in mind - to host great parties and donate the proceeds to local charities. See Facebook Page for details on the charitable works.


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2015-07-16 17:58:44   While on hiatus, the jury is out if this needs to be GBNF. The event was cancelled this year and the existing Uglies have all retired from the event. There are talks apparently on whether or not others may take over the Ugly name or not and I guess that has not been decided or at least not been made public if it has. Someone is still holding the volleyball tourney portion of the festival but under a different name and organization. That website references the Uglies and how this is sort of the same event but the Uglies are not participating and it's not an Ugly event. —badfish