The Holloway House

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Routes 5 & 20, East Bloomfield, NY 14443 [Directions]
Hours (as of October 2009)
  Lunch: 11:30AM to 2:00PM
  Dinner: 5:00PM to 9:00PM
Sunday: 12:00PM to 7:30PM (Dinner)
Closed Mondays
Only open April to beginning of December
585 657 7120
Full Bar

The Holloway House is an historic restaurant in Bloomfield.

Established as a stage coach tavern in 1808, The Holloway House has been in its present restaurant form since 1939. Check out the website for specials, menus, and information about renting the house for events. An extensive history of the house is also on the website.


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2009-10-30 10:29:05   I ate there last night, they must do better on other days cause there was only one other group there the entire night. The bread they serve is great and the sauerkraut was great with it. My soup was very hot and I had to put it to the side for a while before I could eat it and the duck was dry. If you get the potatoes get them with cheese (which they offer) cause they don't have much flavor. They offered us squash once we had our dinner which I had as well, good could use a crunchy topping like you would get at Thanksgiving. The lobster bisque is a must have if you go, I'd get the steak next time though. Final vote is that the place is good, but I'm not sure if it's worth the drive when Rochester has places of similar quality and price. The quietness was a plus. —DamianKumor

2012-04-24 23:00:25   Went tonight for the first time for Crave Local Restaurant Week - for this week-long event, the Holloway House was offering some fantastic 2-for-$20.12 specials. I felt like I walked into a quaint 1800s house - the place has multiple parlor-like rooms, including one with an eye-catching mural, and also a nice little bar/tavern area, which I believe serves a different menu than the more "upscale" restaurant area. The service was prompt and very friendly throughout our entire experience. The waitress immediately brought out a bowl of emerald green - something. Sauerkraut! It was a cold, sweet sauerkraut - apparently their (complimentary) house appetizer. It was unique, unlike any sauerkraut I'd ever tasted. We then ordered drinks, impressed by the extensive wine list. But we were even more impressed by what came next - the bread and rolls. They're made in-house, and the waitresses bring them round every so often, to ensure a continuous supply of hot, fresh, carbs. I think the rolls, which were sweet, even had some sort of orange peel in them. As for the entrees, everyone was satisfied. And a bonus - the waitress brought out a bowl of nicely-spiced Brussels sprouts. They made sure we had our greens - which as a fairly health-conscious person, I really appreciated. Dessert was another highlight - we all shared a rich, decadent flourless espresso cake. Next time though I think I'll opt for the angelfood cake with the marshmallow frosting - the waitress said it was made according to a 19th-century recipe. Beware, though, if you're not visiting during the Local Restaurant Week, the regular menu is a bit on the pricey side - most entrees were upwards of $20, if I remember correctly.