The Steel Source


The Steel Source logo.jpg

2199 E. Henrietta Road, Rochester NY, 14623
Hours (as of September 2018)
Monday - Saturday: 10:00AM to 7:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM to 5:00PM
585 444 9707
<customerservice AT thesteelsource DOT com>

The Steel Source is a dealer in medieval and Asian swords and armor. Mostly battleready (carbon steel, sharp), although some lower-end stainless steel swords are available. Axes & Maces. Non-firing historical replica guns (black powder, Colt, etc.). Now carrying higher-end knives - Cold Steel, Bokor, Columbia River, Kershaw, Benchmade, Smith & Wesson..

Also available are a few historical and fantasy figurines and statues.

Related Store: Mirror of Time at Marketplace Mall. No swords or weaponry, but more figurines, jewelry, t-shirts, and Ren Faire clothing.


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2007-02-05 16:18:05   I've heard many an urban legend that this place is a front for drug dealing, but have never seen anything personally that would make me believe this rather outlandish accusation. —IsaacVanDuyn

2007-02-06 17:52:37   Never heard this "urban legend"...could be damaging to even mention that...even though neither of us believe it. —PeteB

2007-03-16 09:56:24   My husband and I own and operate The Steel Source. It is family-oriented and, believe me, we have nothing to do with any illegal activities. Stop by and visit us anytime. —NormaScott

2007-05-16 00:29:43   I love just browsing this place. Even if you can't afford any swords, they have a lot of reasonably priced dragon/gargoyle/Egyptian/skull figurines and statuettes that make for unique niche gifts! —AdrienneDahler

2007-08-09 13:35:54   They are also the only place in this state where I've found balisongs (butterfly knives), though the prices certainly take advantage of this. Good place to look around in, though. —IdSaysgo

2007-11-07 14:39:37   Love this store, but cannot ever afford anything because the prices anally rape you! I think i bought a keychain there was all we could afford! —MissGia

2008-06-20 17:52:14   You get what you pay for. The Steel Source doesn't carry cheap swords. Most are high-quality battleready swords. And all merchandise offered for sale is priced competitively. Store prices are the same as the website prices. This is not your cookie-cutter gift shop. Here you find unusual and unique items and gifts. —NormaScott