Thimble Tailoring & Clothier

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1900 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618
Hours (as of November 2013)
Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM-7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Wheelchair Accessible
Info Needed
585 244 7810
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Thimble Tailoring & Clothier is a shop in Tops Brighton Plaza. It is operated by a family of dedicated expert tailors with over forty years of experience. They pride themselves in satisfying any alteration, adjustment, or modification needs that a customer may have. The owners are a father and his two children.


In the front of the store is daughter Fatima Bayram's clothing boutique Paislee, which she opened in 2009 after noting that over 50% of the tailor shop's customers are women. A fashion merchandising major, she attends well-known trade shows to expand her selection clothing, jewelry, handbags and other accessories, most of which are made in the US. She offers additional sizes beyond the standard small, extra-small, etc. Paislee has since attracted a considerable following of its own and has become a staple of Fashion Week of Rochester.

In 2014 Fatima Bayram Sable opened Silk Bridal Boutique next door.


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2008-07-10 14:18:44   Outstanding tailor. Great customer service and superb tailoring. The above comment is tacky and does not at all accurately reflect this establishment. —robynkf

2010-01-29 17:10:40   I had to purchase a suit for an unexpected interview and was having a very difficult time finding a place that was willing to tailor it on short notice, Thimble came through and exceeded all my expectations. I went to them on a Tuesday evening and they had my suit ready by Friday! The employees were very nice and humble, they did not try to sell me anything extra or insist on making unnecessary changes just to up the price. I am telling everyone that I know that has clothes tailored to patronize Thimble. Service excellence, quality craftsmanship, and very reasonable prices. —CalebRood

2010-08-19 14:49:01   Thimble Tailoring is TOPS. Not only does the team (a family owned & operated business) do exceptional work, they do so at a reasonable rates & fast turnaround time. Knowledgeable, Professional, Friendly & Honest. I wish there were more businesses like this. I have had alterations done on suits & trousers and gladly bring my items there. Highly recommend to friends & family. —MAL

2010-10-27 00:47:00   Fast turn around and not too expensive. Wasn't blown away by the quality of the work, however. —SargtGrumbles

2011-05-15 12:00:45   Absoultely the best ones to go to. My daughter-in-law to be her reception dress that cost 2100 US dollars was ruined by the tailor who wa to adjust it and the nite before when she tried it and showed me ..she was in tears .. I took it to Thimble tailors and by next day they had it done to perfection... she was so excited and thrilled . After that incidence of 3 yrs now I would trust them totally and since I live an hour away its an effort worth making to get this kind of work. We cannot thank them enough for the effort they put in for the clothes to look great. —AfshanQureshi

2011-09-25 22:22:51   Now own two adorable scarves—on sale for 5.99. A great new boutique that won't remain a secret for too long. —NancyOdonnell

2012-03-20 19:52:34   I visited thimble back in early winter of 2011 for work on some winter outerwear. I had purchased a pair of ski pants from Columbia that were about 5" longer than what I needed and were bunching up when worn above ski boots. Before arriving, I marked the pants at home, while wearing boots, to determine how much to shorten the garment. At the store, I told them what I wanted and that I would like to keep the existing cuff and gator on the pants. I gather that they simply measured the amount needing to be shortened, transferred it up to an area above the gator, and removed a 5" ring of fabric from each pant leg. The lower section was sewn back on with some sort of double stitching, taking care to keep things correctly aligned. In all, I think it was about $35, 5 minutes to explain what I wanted, and a week later I had the pants back (probably could have asked for them sooner, but there wasn't any snow yet!). Everything looked great and performed perfectly throughout the season. Without telling people they were altered and where, nobody I've asked had any clue. The seams held up, were totally waterproof and durable. I would highly recommend their work to anyone who needs work done on outerwear and probably any other alterations. —WillMullaney