Uncle Ralph's Steakout

Various (See schedule)
Hours (as of January 2010)
Various (See schedule)
585 490 0250

Uncle Ralph's Steakout AKA Uncle Ralph's Steakout & BBQ AKA That guy selling BBQ out by Daisy Dukes is a moving BBQ venue that sells $13 to $20 dinners to bar patrons. Each day he sets up shop at a different bar. He's also available for catering.

His magical sauce is also sold online and at Wegmans and other area locations.


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2015-07-05 22:36:40   our first date, was uncle ralphs, my little man passed away last week. He was 45, he so loved your bbq. I can't believe its this difficult to get in touch with you. —Valentina

2017-04-30 04:48:16   Uncle Ralph has passed away on March 8th 2017. His sauces are still sold by his son's in Wegmans and online, but I tip my hat and pour out a beer for the man that made some of the best steaks I've ever had. —kkidfall