University of Rochester/Hoeing Hall


Hoeing Hall is a co-ed dorm facility at the University of Rochester. The building houses 170 students, the majority of whom are freshman, spread out over four floors. Each floor features a lounge and kitchen equipped with a stove and oven. In addition, the first floor contains a seminar room, study area, vending area, and laundry room. Rooms come in singles, doubles, and triples. It was last renovated in 1992, becoming the first hall to be renovated in the third phase of the University's plan to renovate all housing residences. It is located on Faculty Rd. off of Wilson Blvd. in between the Robert B. Goergen Athletic Center and Fraternity Rd., and is part of the Residence Quad. Immediately adjacent to Hoeing is another freshman dorm facility, Gilbert Hall.

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