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Name Dan Leveille
Alias Dan Lev
Birth place Berlin, NH USA
Current Location Rochester, NY USA
Known for Design, Development, Photography, [WWW]
Occupation(s) RIT's Education Technology Center: Web Developer Web Developer, Creative
Freelance: Web Developer, Designer, Photographer
Website [WWW]

Dan Leveille is a Web Designer & Photographer in Rochester NY attending RIT. Dan created RIT's, originally known as


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2007-05-18 14:52:19   Welcome to RocWiki, Dan! Please let us know if we can answer any questions or offer assistance —PeteB

2008-04-13 19:14:29   Hey cool, it's the RITbook guy! —JoannaLicata

2008-04-25 01:46:25   dan lev is a sexy bitch. —TonyFolenta