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2007-03-30 10:41:43   Please don't edit the comments of other users. It's considered really bad etiquette. Thanks. —RottenChester

2007-03-30 11:07:31   Yes Dr., please don't edit my comments. If you think they should not be there, contact the board moderators. Thanks. —BadFish

2007-03-31 10:05:32   Rachel, Should the features of a wiki be unclear, please know that your edits and deletions never truly disappear. In fact anyone can read a summary of them under the “Info” and then “[WWW]user's info” of everyone's page. Internet Protocol addresses can also be tracked and cross-referenced across the entire Internet. I write this, knowing full well others here will also read it, hoping to avoid actions none of us would really like to see. The programmers who maintain the wiki have more productive work than to receive complaints and enforce [wikipedia]Netiquette. Regards… —JohnLam

2007-03-31 12:27:38   Please be aware that editing the comments of other users is frowned upon, no matter the reason. This type of activity can result in being banned from editing the wiki. Please look over Wiki Community/Etiquette. —AdamDewitz