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IT Consultant
Web Application Developer
Database Administrator
Ordained Minister (Cantheist)

Hello, I am Dustin Fineout, a freelance IT consultant, spiritual counselor, and student of Rochester Institute of Technology (currently in my fourth year, majoring in Information Technology with a focus in web-database integration at the Thomas B. Golisano College of Computing and Information Science).

In January of 2007 I founded Namastech (DBA), a consulting, production, and fiduciary firm. Namastech is currently primarily involved in providing innovative custom web applications, web hosting, database administration, security consulting, and fiduciary services such as escrow.

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2011-07-23 13:39:30   Dustin, FYI re B&B Rubbish Removal, we don't delete businesses that have gone away. We put them in the Gone, But Not Forgotten area to keep for posterity. —PeteB