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2008-02-26 16:06:12   Welcome to RocWiki, Jaime! Let us know if you have any questions. —PeteB

2008-02-26 18:52:08   Jaime - To edit one of your comments, go to the article where the comment is posted and (if you're logged in) you can click "Edit" next to the title of the page. Then just scroll down in the edit box to where your comment is, make whatever changes, and click "Save Changes". Please also leave a note about what changes you made in the box labeled "Please comment about this change:". Let me know if you need any other help with that. —StevenDibelius

2009-03-13 09:25:50   I apologize, I can't stop laughing. A similar trip to Chammps happened to me. Seems you went on a Tuesday: that is KIDS EAT FREE DAY! I walked straight into a sea of children and thought it was Chuck E. Cheeses luckily, I left as soon as possible. Still, I can only imagine how often that happens to unsuspecting patrons out for dinner. —NightlifeCher