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Birth name Aliases
Jesse R. Kanclerz Kankles
Birth date Birth place
December 12, 1984 Rome, NY USA
Date of death Place of death
Get To Know Jesse
I enjoy wearing three piece suits, smiling for no particular reason, the fresh scent of laundry dryed on a clothes line, pointless bantering, home cooked meals, eating garbage plates at 2am,the sound of music, round objects and philandering.
Internet Marketing Analyst at [WWW]Hubshout where I optimize Pay Per Click advertising campaigns to meet the lead generation and e-commerce goals of clients, within their stated CPA & ROAS targets. In my spare time you might see me on the sales floor at Snow Ski & Board, formerly Snow Country Sports.
[WWW]Professional Portfolio with Marketing & Business Insights blog
My handle on twitter is [WWW]jessekanclerz

Graduated from St. John Fisher College.
My Interests
Open source, alpine skiing, jogging, cooking, sci-fi channel, direct marketing, dauchsands, banter, reading endlessly.

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2007-09-16 08:40:05   Welcome to RocWiki, Jesse! Let us know if you have any questions. —DaveMahon

2007-09-19 23:11:03   Jesse-please add a comment as to the changes you make such as the one you did in Companies for documentation purposes. Thanks! —PeteB

2009-04-19 23:01:21   Updated my employment information. —JesseKanclerz