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I am a native to Rochester, NY; a large portion of my family settled in Homestead Heights after moving here from Italy shortly after WWII. A 2008 graduate of RIT's School for American Crafts, I maintain a workshop/studio in the old post office, and own a magnificent home in Group 14621. I lived in NYC for 5 years before returning to Rochester, seeking a higher quality of life and to make a difference in my community.

Rochester's rich manufacturing history, architecture, and creative spirit are of great interest to me. My favorite hobby is to collect Rochester antiques, ephemera, and oddities. Especially tools from D.R. Barton, Huther Bros, F.H. Clement, W.B. Davis, and J. Hungerford Smith Root Beer mugs.

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2008-03-04 23:31:30   Welcome to RocWiki, Justin! Let us know if you have any questions. —PeteB