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2008-04-02 20:24:07   There are some serious issues with the MAXIM SPA & SALON page, and until they are resolved I think it's a good thing that there are no links to or from it.

You need to reformat the page using the Business Template. This template provides an easy way for people to find out where the salon is and how to reach you, which is especially important given the presence of a coupon asking them to call you.

Also, replace all of the pictures containing text with regular text. Search engines will have an easier time finding the business, which will make you more visible when people are searching for spas and salons in the Rochester area. Currently, search engines get no information about your business because they can't text in pictures.

If you require assistance with this, please let me know.

2008-04-06 10:43:01   Based on your initial edit, can we assume that you work there? Even if you don't want to identify yourself (an action frowned upon by the community) you should identify your relationship with the business.

Owner? Manager? Employee? Customer? —DaveMahon