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Hi folks, I am Mirlin Poplar.
mirlin.jpgH. Rev. Mirlin Poplar of The Uniterran Church in cloak on an Autumn Day in NY State, 2002.

I am going to edit this page more, so bare with me.

You can email me at
My myspace profile is at [WWW]
My AIM is seawizard2001 and my yahoo is mirlin_poplar

Feel free to contact me. Visit my church's website at [WWW]


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2005-10-23 21:09:06   welcome!!! I'm very interested to know how you found out about ROCwiki —RossHattori

2005-10-24 09:10:13   In the editor there is a button called "Images" and that should give a brief explanation on how to upload images, additionally, make sure that you know the name of the file that you've uploaded, including the extension. Then either use the [[thumbnail()]] or the Upload new image "image.jpeg" in the text of the page. This wiki is configured to only accept a few image formats, but I'm not sure what they are beyond JPEGs and GIFs, so I'll ask around... —RossHattori

2005-10-24 23:03:58   I would like to extend an invitation to come meet some interested people here at Ant Hill... join us for dinner, you can get a better idea of what we are about [WWW]at our web siteRossHattori

2005-10-25 11:10:49   SUndays may not be the best day unless you want to experience our long and drawn out organizational meetings.... all we ask is a few days advanced notice, and either $3 for the meal or a dish to share... think about it and let me know —RossHattori