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Born and raised in Rochester.
Temporarily lived in Buffalo while achieving my M.S in Mental Health Counseling. (HIRE ME!!!!)
I enjoy eating out and socializing and am disappointed in the decline of nightlife in Rochester over the past decade.
Originally, I planned on having a group of diners go out at least once a month to try new restaurants to report about, unfortunately, due to declining economy and a slimming wallet, most can no longer do this. I am still searching! Please, no exorbitant snobs! I would appreciate people that appreciate food and knowledge; not people that believe they are better than everyone else.
I enjoy the bi-polar weather of upstate, NY.
I have worked in the service/restaurant business since I was 15 and believe that the overall level and quality of service is declining in Rochester.
Customers are NOT always right. Neither are service providers. Any conflict can be resolved reasonably with reasonable persons.
I prefer restaurants that stand by their product, if it is made wrong: admit the mistake and fix it. If it is just taste/preference of "consumer" than, that is on the consumer. No more bending over for ungrateful people. It breeds bad behavior and expectations. However, shmoozing is encouraged. No one person knows more than the next. I love food and wine but hate being told what to believe in.
Rochester does have some wonderful, talented musicians and should concentrate more on them.

I have no idea how to start a business template page and plan on figuring out how someday in my spare time! haha. ; )

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2007-11-23 19:06:12   Welcome to RocWiki, Cher! Let us know if you have any questions. —PeteB

2007-12-19 11:39:54   Hi - What struck me about Bellini's is that we were there within the first 2 weeks of it opening...and the place was near empty at lunch. You'd think a manager would be walking around asking people how their meal was. This happens at places like Applebee's when they are slammed! I think this is what struck me. So I was wrong about the panini, one slice of each meat with a ton a cheese does not quantify the price charged. My partner likes it there, we'll prob go again at some point. —MarcVera

2008-07-17 13:31:05   Good suggestion! While we do have a Musical Instruments page, it may not be clear to visitors and we should probably create a redirect to establish that. I also hope that you'll go ahead and create a page for Northfield Music, using the Business Template, of course. —DaveMahon

2008-08-26 20:58:02   Cool :) Where do you work? —RachelBlumenthal

2008-10-09 00:33:33   I'm confused about your comment at Peter Geyer's. You said... "The server was a bit flaky but nice (we've had her before. this is her usual standard of service)". What do you mean that was her usual standard? You said she was nice but then you seem to say something negative. Did you have a problem with the server? Did she not do her job well? —Justhavinfun

2008-10-14 19:12:01   I look forward to your review of Don Pedros. And you took the words from my mouth on Brenda's post! —OneLove

2008-12-29 11:12:51   I saw your comment about dry-aged beef on the Peter Geyer Steakhouse (you said you didn't think it is dry-aged beef). Look on this website and it explains that dry-aged beef requires only 30 days [WWW] Just thought it was interesting and passing along some info I found, FYI. —DabeernFooddude

2011-12-05 20:56:05   Nightlifecher-I moved your comments to a separate page Alex set up- Users/Alex-C/Talk. He seems to be willing to duel people on that page. I'd rather keep any personal confrontations off the Wiki altogether however. —PeteB

2011-12-05 21:39:15   Fair enough NLC...just wanted to make sure you think I did it to be rude or anything (which I did not). :) —PeteB

2012-03-21 20:38:19   Cher-I moved your comment for JR to his/her actual user page as you had put it on a talk page that wasn't linked to anything. He/she will be more likely to see it —PeteB