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A soon-to-be new mom in Rochester who loves the area and discovering all of the places that may be old, but are still new to her!

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2006-12-29 06:13:24   Food is excellent here. Their Chimmichanga and Fajita's are great! On occasion the food will be off flavor (missing something), but 98% of the time they are great! —MikeDixon

2008-11-15 08:39:16   Try El Nopalito on Chili Ave. It doesn't have the atmosphere of the old San Jose, but we've been there 3 times and the food has been excellent every time! They opened about a month ago and we don't want to see them close :) —LizzyBobio

2009-01-16 20:43:10   Pretty bad. Nothing like real Mexican food. The beef tasted like chipped beef from a can. The bar is like something you shouldn't do in your basement but the 2 for 1 happy hour was ok. The prices are outrages. I wish I read this post before I went. —Aharris