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I'm Ross Messing, a sixth year graduate student at the University of Rochester [WWW]Computer Science Department, and Computer Vision Research Scientist at [WWW]Tandent Vision Science. Questions about my academic life can be answered at [WWW]my URCS homepage.

My family moved to Rochester about ten years ago. I went to [WWW]Swarthmore College as an undergrad, class of 2004. It's strange to be back in Rochester. Update: I've now left Rochester for Poughkeepsie, which has a few better restaurants (due to the proximity of the Culinary Institute of America), but is otherwise kinda weak.

I lived in Whipple Park, a housing community for UR graduate students, for six years. I love to eat, and I'm a contributor to the Restaurants section, especially the Upscale part.

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2007-12-05 15:58:09   Ross, have you really been in Kobe? —AndreaCogliati

2008-09-29 13:27:12   Hi, you hereby ADOPT your RossMessing/ToDo page which is otherwise an Orphaned Page. Thanks (;>} —BradMandell

2011-01-17 15:40:24   I'm pretty sure this response comes several years too late, but yes, I've been to Kobe. I was pretty young (14 or so). —RossMessing

2011-01-17 16:05:52   Ross—dressmakers can be included under the Tailors section that already exists. —PeteB