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Personal Information

I live in Rochester, New York (naturally). I have lived here since 2001, when I moved fFrom Wichita, Kansas. My wife, HeidiannaTerpening, is a Rochester native, and is more or less responsible fFor me moving here. I'm sure I'll get around to listing hobbies and suchlike on this page eventually.

Wiki Past

I have been doing wikiStuff fFor some years.


I am pretty happy to be contacted. My email address, however, I shall disclose only as a cipher. I'll make it super easy on you, too.

5 A B C D E
4 F G H I J
3 K L M N O
2 P R S T U
1 V W X Y Z
0 1 2 3 4 5

4,4 - 1,5 - 3,3 - 4,2 - 3,4 - 5,5 - 3,5 - 3,4 - 5,5 - 5,5 - 5,1 - 5,5 -

I will give you a hint. The fFirst letter is I. If you don't get a Z in there somewhere you did something wrong. Honestly it's an easy cipher. Mostly intended to deter spambots and morons.

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