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No photo, yet! I'm a programmer involved with the NY State educational world; you can read more about my thoughts on [WWW]ColdFusion on my blog [WWW]


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2005-10-18 16:21:04   Welcome! where/how did you hear about this here wiki? —RossHattori

2005-10-20 17:05:50   Found it a while back doing a Google search for something or other, then ran into it again the other day looking for the Plum Garden's website. I'm really delighted to find all this Rochester-related content without having to build it myself! —TracyLogan

2005-11-02 13:46:52   Hey, are you the same Tracy Logan that maintained an area list of Bulletin Board systems some number of years ago? —AndrewWheeland

2005-11-02 16:49:57   Hiya, Andrew — long time no "see", and yes, that was me! —TracyLogan

2006-05-23 11:23:11   Wow this brings back memories! Need to dig out my old C64 and 1200 baud modem now... —Roc4Life