VM Giordano Import, Inc., European Cheese Shop

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At Rochester Public Market
Hours (as of July 2014)
Thursday: 8:00AM to 12:30PM
Saturday: 7:30AM to 2:00PM
(additional hours on holidays and by appointment)
585 489 0371
Wheelchair Accessible
<giordanoimports DOT cheese AT yahoo DOT com>

Located near the Union Street entrance to the Public Market and specializing in a wide variety of cheeses, also various other European imports such as meats, olives, condiments, etc. Small counter in the back makes wonderful bagel sandwiches. They press their own brand of olive oil. Always a variety of cheese out for sampling.


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2008-11-05 18:57:12   I stopped by yesterday (a Tuesday) and, although they were not open that day, [one of] the owner[s] (I believe) was there to pick up mail. He was nice enough to fish out the Gruyere from the cooler and sell me a half-pound. He said that they are open every Saturday from 5:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Public Market hours) but they are no longer open on the other days, except during the holidays. However, he invited me to call if I had a specific item I wanted so we could arrange a time to pick it up. —JasonOlshefsky