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2006-09-22 18:51:02   Lacks most "top shelf" liquoir, the crowd never seems big enough to warrant the $5 cover charge. If you need cheap drinks, the free bar is a steal. —TravisOwens

2007-10-26 18:32:44   i met the love of my life here over 3 years ago. some nights are slow but thurs and sat have always seemed to be the bigger nights. this place will always be the only club i go to in rochester. —JadeRaven

2007-12-18 18:15:46   Vertex rocks! The music is great, the crowds are small enough that you don't feel like you're packed in, the open bar is awesome, and it's a great place for a casual hook up. Last time I was there my buddy hooked me up with this big chick that did both of us at the same time! I'll definitely be going back! —LiquidBrains

2008-07-21 13:57:38   I loved this place back when I lived in Rochester. In '97 I moved to SF, and actually haven't even visited Roch since 2000. I'll be back visiting in September 2008 though, and am looking to see some old faces. Margaret, Bethany, Shaun, Jon, Josh, Scott Walsh, etc. If any of you are out there, lemme know. ~stephen <skr213 AT hotmail DOT com>skr213

2008-08-15 15:50:12   This used to be my favorite bar for so long, particularly at its original location on Liberty Pole way. So many great memories from there. Unfortunately this place is way way way way past it's prime, and any hope of a dignified demise is long gone.

You can expect to find chunky D&D dorks, yokels from the sticks trying to look goth in their Hot Topic outfits, but still looking like complete rubes, fat biker chicks, and just about any other manner of wanker.

On the plus note, I'm sure they still have their "open bar" from 10:30-11:30, where it's all you can drink well or draft for the cover fee of $5. This was and probably still is the best drink deal out there. —AlexD1234

2008-08-19 18:39:07   The website on the actual page is not even plausible aside from the cover and DJ list. I am there every week or so, and there is no section of Vertex that is a lofted 2nd floor. The websites I have for Vertex are defunct, but at least feature more accurate info.

[WWW] - old site
[WWW] - site that AlexD1234 is claiming to be accurate
[WWW] - club list site

2008-08-19 18:50:53   [WWW] - This is just a college project site. —EugeneCain

2008-08-22 22:00:14   I am so depressed that you made me respond to this. I was trying to decide which nail polish went better with my black outfit - super black or ultra black. I was going to pick the super black because its not as shiny because shiny things are depressing. Like the sun. Which I haven't seen in years. Because I live in a basement.

JadeRaven says she met the love of her life there. Love is an artificial construct created by the mass media and the capitalist whores of the world. True Goths don't have loves, they have needs. I currently need the sweet release of death. Unfortunately, that won't happen because I'm lazy. I have tried holding my breath, that doesn't work.

Vertex is for posers who aren't as Goth as I am. True Goths would not worry what other people think of their crappy bar, much less desire to post about it publicly. I am going to go back to crying and cutting myself with a butterknife. I really just crave attention.

I have no friends. Seriously. All of my friends don't want to put up with me. That is okay, I don't need friends. Solitude is better for writing my free verse poetry.

Please be my friend. Will you be my friend? I'll go to Vertex with you. I promise.

Just once? Friends? Please? Please?

I'll throw out all of my wrestling action figures.

Please? —ImGotherThanYou

2008-08-22 00:40:38   [WWW]

2008-08-26 03:40:23   Really, ImGotherThanYou..? Really? —EugeneCain

2008-09-28 22:46:21   I was pretty disappointed, it was virtually deserted and no one wanted to talk. And though the bartender was very nice the drinks were some of the worst I've ever had. There were more non-goths there than goths, and I while that's cool and I love that all kinds come there, it's a little sad and embarrassing to be over gothed for the goth club. It's worth mentioning that there is a parking lot (a small one) outside the building so you should check it out before you drive all over trying to find a spot elsewhere. —MadJackal

2008-11-16 23:29:42   It's nothing to write home about (especially if you come from Phoenix, like I do). However, Vertex is a decent sized club with a good, fun crowd. For the most part there aren't too many gawkers in blue jeans, and everyone is respectful and friendly. If you truly like the old-school stuff, don't go on Saturday. Try out Thursday or Friday night. Friday especially for those 80's children. Saturday is for those who like the newer synth-poppy stuff. Also, if you know your stuff and like to make requests, don't go on the first Saturday of the month (it's no-request night).

I can only speak from personal opinion, but my favorite DJ is on Friday night. He knows what you're asking for, and he'll make every effort to acquiesce to your request. The DJ on Saturday night is kind of a prick, and rarely plays requests. If he does decide to play it, you'll still be waiting around about an hour to hear it. His style is not gothy at all. I don't think he would even label himself that. It's also not industrial...and it's nowhere in between. In fact, if you're looking for the local Eurotrash club, come down to Vertex on Saturday nights!

Also, as not mentioned on the summary; they do have two levels, a patio, a pool table, and a dart board, for those who are terminally bored. Fun for everyone!

P.S. - If someone from Vertex is listening - some redecoration would really help. You could try a *little* harder. New painting on the walls, maybe a red votive or something on the tables. —Simulana

2008-11-21 20:27:57   To Simulana - I'm sorry you did not enjoy your Sat. experience at Vertex. Obviously it's not possible to make everyone happy all the time. However your characterization of me as "kind of a prick" who "rarely plays requests" is at best innacurate and at worst simply childish. I make every attempt to play as many requests as possible and requests often make up 10-15% of my playlist on any given night, but obviously you were dissapointed that your particular request was not granted. Perhaps you may have noticed that the club is pretty busy on a normal Sat. and perhaps it did not occur to you that there may have been many other requests placed before yours. Perhaps you asked for something I did not have or that did not fit in with what I normally play or perhaps you just caught me on a bad night (or one of my once a month no-request nights, how pricky of me to ask for a little artistic freedom once in a while). Since your comment was posted last Sun., maybe you were out last week, in that case I'll just apologize since I was having some technical problems last Sat. and I may have lost track of your request. In any case, boo f**king hoo for you. There, now that was me being a prick.

And no I do not consider myself a "goth" or "industrial" DJ. I play a wider variety of music than that. Again I am truly sorry if my eclectic nature offends you. Stick to Fridays, I'm sure DJ Cedric would love to play all your requests for you all night long (NOT!).

Then again you probably won't ever bother to look at this page again so my response will be wasted on you, at least I feel a little better. (There I go being a selfish prick again, I guess I just can't help myself sometimes)

DJ Darkwave —StevePrinsen