Water Street 2020


204 Water Street, Rochester NY, 14604
Hours (as of October 2019)
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Wheelchair Accessible
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Originally called The Country Warehouse when it opened in 1978, the Water Street Music Hall went through several name changes throughout the years, until finally in 1991 it became The Water Street Music Hall1.

The Water Street Music Hall was one of Rochester's largest venues for live music—it held about 800 people. It also had a smaller venue next door called The Club at Water Street. The Club held about 250 people, and housed smaller shows. Occasionally large events were held on both sides.

Many famous and diverse acts have played at the Hall, including [wikipedia]Blues Traveler, [wikipedia]Glassjaw, [wikipedia]Maroon 5, [wikipedia]Nickel Creek, and [wikipedia]Rancid, just to name a few2.

The venue closed in January 2017. In February it was announced the venue was going to become a Funk N Waffles, which it did, but it subsequently closed on November 11, 2018. After sitting idle for almost a year, the owner from the 1990's came back to Rochester to open as Water Street 2020 on October 27, 2019. The smaller venue is now a restaurant called Jack's on Water Street.


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