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3000th Page Release

FarMcKon has put together a press release for our 3000th page.

RocWiki, a local internet resource hits milestone

Rochester, NY, March 5th 2007 - RocWiki, The People's Guide to
Rochester has reached 3,000 pages. This marks a new milestone for one
of the oldest and largest city-centric wiki's in the US.

Started in early 2005, RocWiki provides Rochesterians with a
collaborative space to share information about the greater Rochester
area. "Rochester has some great hidden gems" said RocWiki founder
Robert Polyn, "we wanted to make it easier for people to share what
they love about this city."

Like other wiki websites Rocwiki is quick and very easy for anyone to
edit, which has helped it developed an expansive collection of
articles on Rochester. Articles topics include history, local events,
and local businesses, as well as reviews about many restaurants and
night spots. "I always check RocWiki before making dinner plans to
see what others are saying about an establishment" said Adam Dewitz,
Graduate Student at RIT.

In the last two years the site has attracted over 1,000 registered
contributors and has now reached 3,000 pages of collaboratively
written information about our city. The 3,000th page was about the
Pirate Toy Fund created by local blogger Pete B on March 2,

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