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2005-06-16 21:18:22   I liked "Meta" better. It is more intuitive to me, but I can understand that I may be the exception, not the rule —FarMcKon

2005-06-16 21:18:50   I acutually searched for 'meta' when I first edited and was trying to find the wanted pages list —FarMcKon

2005-09-20 10:56:46   I don't want information about my business put on this web-page. Anyone can just write any incorrect info. on it whenever they want. Remove my company name asap. There is already incorrect information on it and I just looked at it 5 minutes ago. —TreyCofield

2005-09-20 11:45:21   Trey, there is nothing illegal about discussing your (or anyone's) company in a public forum like this. If you find incorrect information about your business then feel free to change it. —RyDahl

2005-09-26 20:12:09   Is it feasible to make addresses automagically transform into links to a google map request? —JonRobins

2005-09-26 20:19:15   Yes... that was working for awhile and then it broke. RyDahl probably knows more. —TobinFricke

2005-09-26 21:14:51   yep. trivial. —RyDahl

2005-10-10 10:39:27   hey you guys... can we get a page going that outlines the future plans for the wiki? ie. governance, editing, all that stuff that is floating around? —HeatherYager

2005-10-23 21:10:26   How does one go about uploading photo files? —MirlinPoplar

2005-11-11 06:15:55   Hey, we made City's Critic's Picks for Virtual Rochester: [WWW]

2005-11-27 17:43:34   Heya folks, this is Philip from [daviswiki]DavisWiki. I just wanted to tell y'all (that care about such things) to check out [daviswiki]Wiki hosting. Feel free to edit/add to it, as we are in the planning stages of putting together a server (check it out). —PhilipNeustrom

2005-11-26 16:44:21   I saw that WIkiquette was orphaned, that it seemed pretty good and non-controversial, and that there was no Decorum entry. So I linked it. I don't mean to step on toes or start controversy by doing so. It looked like another wiki member had put a lot of work and thought into it and it was pretty much hidden from view. —RottenChester

2005-11-26 20:26:15   I think the rochester wiki has reached a tipping point in terms of number of users. —RyDahl

2006-11-22 14:43:11   One request-when people add new pages please link them to a section appropriately. A Restaurant or Barbershop with no link to those sections goes unused and is pretty much worthless. Thx! —PeteB