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2008-07-10 17:27:49   Okay, so first of all, an article about a business should be confined to those aspects of the business that are relevant to Rochester. For instance, a [Walmart] page on RocWiki might list all of the local Walmarts, but it should NOT have a whole section about a humanitarian effort funded by Walmart in California, for instance.

The "unsubstantiated claims", "excessive content", and "Links" thoughts provided by BradMandell are also a very good start. It is okay for local business owners to let the public know about what they do, upcoming events, etc., in an even-handed and non-promotional way. But this should not become a free venue for advertising. —JaySweet

2008-07-10 18:08:12   Lots of good thoughts in the "some thoughts" section.

On "opinions in comments", we have that policy elsewhere so probably a link would be best.

On "excessive content": We have a precedent for lengthy factual content (for example, one place has their whole menu on RocWiki). As long as it is well-organized, not redundant with their website content, and updated regularly, it's probably consistent with our mission to be a guide to Rochester. —RottenChester

2008-07-10 23:43:41   I was thinking about the excessive content, and I have two comments:

First, on the plus side, I think this is probably okay if it is off in a separate section and stated as neutrally as possible. For instance, a carpeting place providing their basic price scale would be welcome, I would think. (Not welcome would be "Can you believe our low, low prices?!?!?!!!!!!!") As long as it is in a separate section, e.g. "Pricing," "Services," "Menu," etc., I think it is clear that we are separating it from the factual content. That said, this should only be allowed for local businesses, or for information that is only locally valid.

Second, on a pedantic note, a menu could be a copyright violation if we did not have the owner's permission... —JaySweet