Wiki Community/Wiki Development/20061210meeting


2006-12-10 Meeting

Attending: FarMcKon, JohnLam, AdamDewitz, RottenChester, AndrewWheeland


Development Server

A development server has been setup by RottenChester. Development and hacking will take place on this sever.
FarMcKon will talk to Philip N to find out what code base RocWiki is currently using (it doesn't seem to using [WWW]Sycamore trunk). The dev server will use the same code base installed on RocWiki.

Update 12.11 Philip N of dwiki will be upgrading the system this weekend.

Software Features

It was decided that a donation button would not be implemented near the login page.

General development goal is to start out by doing some house cleaning.


RIT/UofR connections

Engaging with RIT Student senior project classes (New Media Publishing/IT/Imaging) Requires 503c status.

Project Sycamore/RocWiki SysAdmin Help

DavisWiki folks (RocWiki shares a server with them) are looking for help with system administration.