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The Wild Noodles Comments Archive contains comments made prior to 2008 and was archived on July 26, 2009. Comments were previously located on Talk Page.

2006-09-28 19:56:55   I went here earlier this summer. The service was stellar BUT the food was TERRIBLE. 2 of my friends and I got 2 rice dishes and 1 noodle dish. The rice was so awful..it was overcooked to the point where it was mush. My dish wasn't as described (I got a refund without any problems so they are good people)..apparently there was a mistake on every menu and the giant ones on the wall. My friends' dishes were not at all good. Too greasy and tasteless. If you want a noodle bowl, head over to Aja. My 2 friends were eternally grateful after I took them to Aja (to recover from Wild Noodles). —OneLove

2006-09-29 13:57:27   we got take out here for work a few months back.... most people thought their meal was average at best.... —JcPop

2006-10-22 21:18:38   Customers think the food is good. I would read the independent reviews, rather than gratuitous plugs for Aja Noodles (which also has good food). And if you don't like your meal, the staff will be more than willing to accommodate your concerns. —WildNoodlesGuy

2006-10-23 11:15:31   I wouldn't normally post a secondhand review, but NoodlesGuy's recent edits inspired me. My wife had lunch here a few days ago and her verdict was "mediocre". —RottenChester

2006-10-24 10:37:24   Ditto on the service, it was great. The bowl of noodles that I had wasn't too bad. The food isn't spectacular, but it's worth a repeat visit. —RemekKocz

2006-10-31 13:49:10   You have to know what to order. The Lasagna Bowl is fabulous. So is the MacnCheese. I would stay away from their asian stuff though. The pot stickers are also really good. Service is excellent —MelissaToo

2006-11-03 23:07:13   I'll admit when this place first opened, I didn't care for it all that much. Since then, however, the food has completely taken off. The serving sizes are huge; you can easily get two meals out of one order. I started going there myself for lunch, now my coworkers all put in orders when I go. Best dishes: beef stroganoff, chicken marsala, chicken teriyaki, fried mac n cheese. Dishes I didn't like AS much, but were still pretty good: shrimp scampi, sesame chicken. The service always has been, and still is, excellent. If the last time you went there was back in the summer, or basically any time before September or so, give it another try. You'll be pleasantly surprised. —DarkestHour

2006-11-27 10:38:49   (Disclaimer: I am the owner/operator of Wild Noodles) DarkestHour hit the nail on the head. We had a very inexperienced kitchen staff when we first opened but since then we have transitioned to a strong set of cooks with multiple years experience. I am a very paranoid person and seeing the compliments on our service ease my worries, but if you ever felt it different I want to be the first to know! —SumitGupta

2006-12-19 20:35:25   I eat at Wild Noodles all the time, and I have to say the strongest thing about the menu is how customizable everything is. I like the standard menu versions (particularly the mac & cheese and the teriyaki), but I really like that they'll alter whatever you order to your specifications (usually I add vegetables and request extra-spicy). —NickName

2006-12-28 14:42:30   Stopped in for lunch today, based on the recommendation of a friend. Staff was very friendly, explaining the menu and some of the top choices. I ordered the Bankok Peanut Noodles with Chicken... It was very well-made, and quite tasty. I still prefer more "authentic" places for Thai (or Asian, in general), but the variety on the menu and, the awesome staff, will definitely keep me coming back. —AdamLynch

2007-01-02 22:57:08   Because of the negative feedback, I decided never to visit this place, but after reading the owner's post here, I figured the place deserved a proper visit. I had the POT Stickers appetizer (it was 5 star) and the Bangkok Peanut /w Chicken. The style of noodles (rice noodles?) they used seemed different than any other Thai/Asian place I've eaten at, and to be honest, seemed a bit off for my taste. My wife had the same dish and she said they were fine. Overall I wasn't impressed with the dish and something about it was on the sweeter side to the point where I wasn't able to finish it. Even though I didn't love the dish I ordered, I plan to go back again and try something else. Also, I should stay the cleanliness of the location was great and the decor/presentation is also 5 star, it's a very nice place actually. —TravisOwens

2007-01-11 13:11:01   Ordered lunch from here for myself and some co-workers. The woman who took my order over the phone was friendly and helpful. I was in and out of the restaurant quick enough when picking it up. I had the Bangkok Peanut Noodle lunch special with chicken. The dish was tasty, although the flavors were a little short of bold. It came with an iceburg salad with a surprisingly tasty honey-lime dressing. My co-workers seemed to enjoy their dishes as well. The variety of dishes worked well for an office lunch situation (where else can one order asian, tex-mex, italian, and american food from a single place). Overall, the food was nothing special, but the service was friendly and efficient, and the food was a good enough value (lunch specials are $5-$7 for a noodle bowl with a side salad) that I will probably be back again for lunch. —EastSideStephen

2007-01-13 00:35:27   I went there with a friend previously this week. I was impressed with the MacNCheese. My friend got the Mongolian. It was quite tasty as far as i'm concerned. Portions were huge, and the price was reasonable, albiet a bit more than Moes or Pita Pit. Selection of bottled soda-pop was impecable in my opinion. One thing I was unsure of was whether it was customary to tip the server. —DaveSvidro

2007-01-15 09:26:08   Tipping the server is always a confusion. While its not required we like to say that if you did find the service to be exceptional and want to leave a couple bucks in appreciation, i know my staff won't turn you down. I like to thiink ive hired and trained a staff committed to treating you all right and i know they love feeling appreciated.. in gas money =) —SumitGupta

2007-01-17 00:04:45   Oh yeah.. thanks for the compliment on the bottled soda collection. We really like the boylan soda's as they are sweetened with cane sugar instead of processed sugar... and as far as the 20+ beers... i just like beer =) Suggestions are always welcome! Presently the selection is a mix of both Beers of the World recommendations, my own favorites, and a few that we got because a private party requested we stock it for their event and we found it still selling (but those are mainly corona's and molson). —SumitGupta

2007-02-11 08:41:33   The Sticky Sesame Chicken was different from the typical chinese fare - it had peppers and onions in it and a wonderful taste, but at a higher price than chinese restaurants ($7.79 vs ~$4.50) —TomKaminski

2007-03-19 19:10:18   I had dinner here tonight and was very pleased with the friendly service. The potstickers were delicious, but my dining companion and I found our entrees to be bland. I got the penne rosa and he got the mongolian beef. There are a lot of yummy looking things on the menu and I'll definitely go back to try out some of the other dishes, but next time I will ask for my dish to be extra spicy. They currently have a deal where if you spend $25, you get a free video rental at the Video Barn next door. We headed over there after the meal and I was pleased to find an extremely large selection of foreign films and cult classics, as well as a good deal of more mainstream movies. Anyway, in summary—great service, great appetizer, mediocre entrees. I want to give a few other entrees a try, though. —RachelBlumenthal

2007-04-05 23:27:22   My husband and I had lunch there the other day and we were very satisfied with what we ordered (I had the beef stroganoff— yummy!). The caramel apple wontons were also to die for. Definitely will be coming back. —CatherineConnolly

2007-04-13 11:46:46   I have been a big fan of Wild Noodles since they opened. Best dish is the Enchilada Noodles, then the Sonoran Pasta, and the Mac & Cheese. I am always impressed with one young man when I visit. He has superb customer service skills-possibly owners son. One major bad experience-that was the woman (Owners/ relation) who talked down to me about being in the home inspection business (she noticed my books) stating that home inspections are no good rip off. Made me change my mind about the place. I won't recommend them anymore, I know they are not helping referrals to my home inspection biz. Treat your customers like you'd want to be treated if you were the customer. The young man knows how to. Shame the Mgmt doesn't. BTW, most home buyers get inspections these days to prevent future costly repairs - and we do save them money/hassles - its GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. —ConCon

2007-04-16 00:52:25   I have been there twice and the food was great —DesaRaeStanton

2007-04-20 15:08:18   First time there today-very nice. Mac & Cheese is just spicy enough to clear your head when you have a cold! Very pleased with the service! —PeteB

2007-08-06 12:05:38   My girlfriend and I recently went here, and we both loved it. The employees were spectacular, and gave us some of the best, friendliest service we've ever had in any restaurant at this price point. The food was good, and for the money it's a lot more interesting than going to Gitsi's or some other diner. I had the Bangkok Peanut dish, and my girlfriend had some sort of Southwestern noodle casserole thing. We didn't think it was the BEST FOOD EVER, but again, it was enjoyable, and interesting. —IsaacVanDuyn

2007-08-16 18:45:33   Not the best food in the universe—tastes like a chain restaurant. But I was impressed with their customer service. And their attention to detail when I inquired about vegan options. Their staff knew to look for honey and their chef offered to make a special sauce for me on a noodle dish that usually has honey in the sauce. I couldn't have been more pleased! —KaeLynRich

2007-08-27 00:45:38   this place totally blows. their food sucks and was was overpriced, although the service was pretty good. if you're looking for a good meal that is under 18 bucks don't go here. —PaulineColes

2007-09-07 19:06:50   Service was great. All I can say about the food::: salty. Never again. —MarcVera