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2005-11-27 17:29:26   Wimpy's is one of the finest local examples of a late-night "comfort food" emporium. It's a little garishly lit for some folks' taste, but that seems to keep out some of the seedier clientele found at some of the other "your name here" Hots (Mark's, Gitsis', etc.), and the menu is a bit more extensive.

The counter staff are fun, friendly, and forgiving of inexperienced diners (I still remember getting yelled at at Nick Tahou's years ago for not knowing if I wanted "hot sauce" or not!) — they do tend to "pounce" on customers, even ones who are pretty clearly "still looking", but they're patient.

The menu has the obligatory "synonym for Garbage Plate(tm)", with the usual meats & sides, perhaps a notch tastier than most others, and my favorite hot sauce yet (mild & meaty, no cinnamon). There are also a wide variety of wraps, specialty burgers and sandwiches, chicken-based food, appetizers & side orders, even salads. The Fish Fry & Sandwich on Fridays are pretty good, and no pricier than most.

Drinks are Pepsi products (no Diet Mountain Dew, though) on draft, plus bottled water. —TracyLogan

2006-01-24 22:39:27   Used to be pretty good... lately its been average at best... maybe i should stick with the cheeseburgers! —JcPop

2006-03-28 20:06:53   we were there last week and it was better and they've spruced it up a bit! (and raised the prices a bit...) —JcPop

2007-03-21 07:43:43   My wife and I ordered some food to go on 3/20/07, and not only did it take 40minits to get our food but our order was completely wrong. When we complained the owner (the one that drives a black Lexus) got mad at us and swore at us. We have been customers from the day they opened but after this we will never go back and I don’t recommend this place to anyone. —WarrenSeeley

2007-04-10 08:22:52   Excellent plates!! Much better than Tahou's —ScottPieken