WGermany.jpgCreative Commons Lic. WGermany1.jpgCreative Commons Lic. [wikipedia]Wurzburg, Germany became Rochester's second sister city in 1964. Wurzburg is the capital of lower [wikipedia]Franconia and is located on the [wikipedia]Main River, about 100 kilometers east of [wikipedia]Frankfurt. It is an important junction of Germany's [wikipedia]Autobahn (zoom zoom!).

Wurzburg is a cultural city with many tourist attractions, most notably the [wikipedia]Fortress Marienberg and the Residence, with its magnificent frescoes and ceiling paintings, it was awarded the title of "European City". Known for it's conservatory of music which holds annual Mozart and Bach festivals. Wurzburg's well known products include world famous Konig and Bauer printing presses and its unique Franconian wines.

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