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Breakout of Years for Openings, Closings

Revised Suggestion February 2010 BradMandell

## Replace YYYY with year and also enter in two places in search string plus Talk Link
##  also enter the YY for "--" and "++" entries for previous and following years.
 ||||<tableborder=1 class="tablehead" :>'''Significant ["Rochester"] events during the year of [wiki:wikipedia:YYYY]'''||
 ||<class="tablehead" :>'''Month, Day'''||<class="tablehead" :>'''RocWiki Entry and Description'''||
 ||<bgcolor="#FFFFF0">||Add Wiki Link / Event Description||
 ||||<class="tablehead" (>'''See Also''': ["Past Events"], ["YY--"], ["YY++"], '''[ Search RocWiki]'''[[BR]]'''See ["YYYY/Talk" Talk Page]''' for Comments and Discussion||

Example 1960

Versus following Included current 1960s

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2009-09-01 19:48:15   I have reversed the openings and closing sections—seems more logical to show openings first. —PeteB