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th_ladyingarden009.jpgGordon van Vliet at work

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Gordon van Vliet is a fine oil painter working from his studio and in the field in and around Rochester, New York. He often paints with friends at the Steve Carpenter Studio on Anderson Avenue (part of the Village Gate) on Monday nights. He is a member of the [WWW]Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters and The New York Figure Painters Guild

Van Vliet strives to paint in a direct manner similar to [wikipedia]Sargent, [wikipedia]Sorolla, Keiser, Jurick and others. His main emphasis is painting figure and portrait work, placing these subjects into various settings to create a sense of action, drama and suspense.

He at one point had a physical gallery at the late Framing Edge.


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2009-03-13 10:58:18   Orignially created as vanVlietartBradMandell

2016-03-07 09:05:18   The Framing Edge was closed awhile ago. I can't find any updates for this artist or what he's doing now. —EileenF