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1115 E. Main St. Rochester NY 14609 [Directions]
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The Hungerford Building is a huge old building overlooking the Goodman Street Yard, at the very end of North Goodman Street in Beechwood. In the early-to-mid 1900s, it was a major manufacturing plant for the J. Hungerford Smith Company, who made "True Fruit" flavored syrups, as well as the flavor syrup for A&W Root Beer. The [WWW]J. Hungerford Smith brand is still an active line of products from ConAgra Foodservice.

The building was recently redeveloped by [WWW]Maguire Properties.

The building is home to an interesting crowd of folks, and has everything from small companies to individuals' apartments and artist studios and galleries. The former Door 7 started out there (somewhere near the Door 7 Entrance).

Hungerford is a major stop on the First Friday art tour.

Occupants of the Hungerford Building

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hgrmap.jpgFrom Google Maps, 12-2010 hgr1.jpgBuilding Directory, 12-2010 hgr2.jpgOutside View, 12-2010
hgr3.jpgHallway, 12-2010 hungerford1919.jpgPrint ad for J. Hungerford Smith Co. showing building in 1919.

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2012-02-04 19:17:52   Be careful going to the First Friday at the Hungerford Gallery . It is a lovely place and great environment but if you park in the wrong area mistakenly you will get towed by a very expensive and shady towing company. The Mojoe pizza place owns an empty building on the lot. You think you are parking in the Hungerford lot but you are not and Mojoes can't wait to pick up the phone and call their buddies at the tow place. In about an hour they managed to tow at least 10 cars. There is a "illegally parked cars will be towed" sign but you think it was put up by the gallery. It was not put up by the gallery. It was put up my Mojos. They could make people less confused if they put up a sign that said "Mojo parking only" but that would stop the gravy train towing scam. And Mojoes has its own parking for their pizza place so it is not even close to this empty building. Hungerford has a small sign warning about the towing but it is only noticeable if you are exiting the building. Patrons entering the building would never see it. They need toput the sign on the entrance doors if they want to encourage people to come back. I never will. Feeling scammed and wondering if the City of Rochester is aware of what is going on in this lot. The tow place did not have a storefront. You have to give your credit card number to some guy in a beat up car who then gives it to someone on a cell phone before you can get your car back. —ShellySmith