St. Paul Quarter


MichaelStern.JPGGarment factory turned loft building. StPaulSt.JPGClubs and restaurants along St. Paul St.

Northern end of Downtown, along the East side of the Genesee River, centered on Saint Paul Street
Inner Loop, North Clinton Avenue, East Main Street, Genesee River
Neighborhood Association
[WWW]St. Paul Quarter Neighborhood Association

The St. Paul Quarter is a downtown neighborhood once known as "Clothier's Row." From about the 1890s to the mid-twentieth century it was the center of Rochester's huge industry of ready-made men's clothing. Companies with factories and headquarters in this area included the [WWW]Adler Brothers & Co., [WWW]Fashion Park, Inc., and [WWW]Michaels-Stern & Co. By the 1970s, however, all of Rochester's garment businesses had been lost to the dustbin of history and changing fashions. Only Hickey Freeman remains, located in Group 14621 neighborhood.

Today, the old industrial buildings of Clothier's Row have been converted to the lofts, offices, and retail spaces of the St. Paul Quarter. Famous addresses include Industrie Lofts and the H.H. Warner, Kirstein, Searle, 116 St. Paul, and Smith Gormly buildings. Residential units in this neighborhood tend to be pretty high-end and boast many unique architectural features. Many are located in the St. Paul-North Water Streets Historic District. For people who are elderly or disabled there is Andrews Terrace, an interesting example of contemporary architecture from the 1970s.

The St. Paul Quarter is also a nightlife district with several restaurants and nightclubs. It is generally considered a bit rougher than the East End, although some claim it is unfairly stigmatized. According to the Democrat and Chronicle in October 2012, the noise and disorder outside a new nightclub left residents uneasy and even afraid to leave their apartments at certain times. Others argued that the partying is no worse than in the East End and often exaggerated. Still, the St. Paul Quarter receives a large "bar detail" each weekend from the Rochester Police Department.1

Update: Plush Lounge & Nightclub, the establishment in question, was shut down in December 2013. Several buildings along St. Paul Street are now being developed into a mixed-use urban village called [WWW]The Hive.

The Pont de Rennes bridge connects this neighborhood to the High Falls District.

RGRTA Transit Center

In October 2012 work began on a new bus station, the RGRTA Transit Center on Mortimer Street right off St. Paul. The station will be able to accommodate 100 buses an hour and will offer electronic displays of departure times, ticket-vending machines, an information center, and onsite security. Customers will be able to transfer and wait for buses indoors. This will clear East Main for street parking and bicycle-friendliness.

The bus station is scheduled to be completed in 2015 but is already ahead of schedule.2


WaterGarden.JPGPrivate riverfront garden on Water Street.

Sleeping Bears.JPGThe infamous "Sleeping Bears" mural from Wall\Therapy 2012. Food and Entertainment




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