Affordable Policing of Webster

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Affordable Policing of Webster

Affordable Policing of Webster (APOW) is a community advocacy organization formed by the citizens of Webster, NY. The goal of APOW is for conscientious citizens to organize to ensure fiscally-sound police service for the town of Webster, New York.

More specifically goals of APOW are to:


APOW was formed in 2008 by Gerry Moldenhauer, a Webster citizen for almost 50 years. After spending thousands of hours researching the true cost to tax payers for police coverage in Webster, Gerry believed that it could be possible to provide police coverage to Webster in a more cost effective manner. In the course of his research Gerry obtained the majority of his financial research information via Freedom of Information Law requests. From this research, Gerry came up with a plan to provide police coverage to Webster in a more financially conservative means. After his research Gerry then took the steps to officially begin the Affordable Policing of Webster citizens advocacy group.

Media Coverage

Initially the knowledge of APOW's existence traveled simply by word of mouth by fellow Webster residents which Gerry spoke and wrote to. Then in early 2008 the APOW group began attracting media coverage as well as the APOW group's own online presence which offers insight into the group's research and point of view.

Current Status

Currently APOW is steadily growing in numbers of volunteers. The group is working on spreading it's message to Webster residents of policing Webster in a more financially sound method and getting them in involved with APOW and its goals.